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Season 3

25 Sep. 1985
Missing Pieces
Christine is dating a man who has some nasty secrets. A married doctor, in town for a medical conference, is pursued by an architect, also married. A long-standing employee at the St. George can no longer cope with the job.
2 Oct. 1985
Rallying Cry
A young orphaned girl is at the centre of a custody dispute between a homosexual couple and her aunt. Peter needs a navigator for a car rally and Christine is it. Unfortunately, they're involved in an accident.
9 Oct. 1985
Imperfect Union
An old girl friend of Peter's arrives in town with her daughter but she is not as free as she would like to be. A young couple, who are intellectually challenged, arrive for their first night together as they try to lead independent lives.
16 Oct. 1985
A friend of Victoria's hits a man whilst driving and it leads to an unlikely friendship. Megan is raped and, understandably, has a lot of trouble adjusting to a normal life afterwards.
30 Oct. 1985
Second Offense
Christine helps secure the release of a prisoner who has always claimed he was innocent. He has trouble adjusting to life on the outside. Dave acts as the fiancé of the hotel's florist to keep her grandmother happy.
4 Dec. 1985
Saving Grace
A former dancer blames herself for causing a choreographer to become a paraplegic, a man with whom she is in love. The hotel's employee of the month has trouble adjusting to the publicity, made worse when her father unexpectedly arrives.
11 Dec. 1985
A young man arrives at the St. Gregory and claims to be the son of Victoria's late husband. A businessman and his fiancée find they have differing views on children. She wants children but he's had a vasectomy.
18 Dec. 1985
The hotel's aerobics instructor checks into the St. Gregory to snare herself a rich businessman. Victoria's father-in-law pays a visit. A pregnant cleaner at the hotel turns out to be an illegal immigrant.
25 Dec. 1985
Cry Wolf
Christine's aunt pays a visit. A hustler seems to be using the St. Gregory's Cavalier Bar as a place to solicit customers. Two children are unhappy with their new nanny but end up crying wolf too many times.
8 Jan. 1986
Shadows of Doubt: Part 1
The relationships between three friends becomes complicated. Christine becomes serious with an Australian boyfriend. The hotel's head of security has trouble adjusting after he returns from a long personal leave.
15 Jan. 1986
Shadows of Doubt: Part 2
A bomb is planted in the basement of the St. Gregory and Billy finds out why. Christine learns the truth about her boyfriend and, initially, she is not happy with what she is expected to do.
22 Jan. 1986
A couple are celebrating at the St. Gregory when a series of misunderstandings threatens their marriage. A barman at the St. Gregory has trouble dealing with the fact that he has AIDS.
29 Jan. 1986
A police officer, who is an old friend, comes to visit Victoria with romance on his mind. A man's mother is having an affair with one of his best friends.
5 Feb. 1986
Child's Play
Peter tries to help a homeless man. The man in charge of the bellmen has old ideas. The wife of a recently retired couple has a secret. A talent agency is looking for new talent, but for what?
12 Feb. 1986
An old friend of Peter's appears but she is not all she seems. Megan tries to set up a friend with Mark but it's not easy to arrange. The wife of a couple that arranged the adoption of an orphan is in for a shock.
19 Feb. 1986
Peter is asked to speak about love on the radio by a friend. However, during the show, the presenter is threatened by a caller. Christine helps a girl who was the victim of child abuse.
26 Feb. 1986
A school group is staying at the hotel and Christine helps one of the boys being bullied. A Vietnam vet starts having flashbacks and recognises one of the waiters as a former prison guard. A man goes about getting a job in an unusual way.
5 Mar. 1986
The local florist, who gave up her daughter for adoption, is to meet her for the first time. The hotel is on hand to help her. Julie is sexually harassed by the hotel's new director of operations.
12 Mar. 1986
A friend of Christine's is having an affair with at the hotel. The wife of a man who had a heart attack has trouble coping with his recovery. A couple of newlyweds from the country have trouble during their stay at the St. Gregory.
19 Mar. 1986
Hidden Talents
The hotel is hosting a TV talent show and Megan sends in an audition tape of Julie singing. Peter's college roommate and his new wife, a nuclear scientist, are staying at the hotel.
2 Apr. 1986
Hearts Divided
A director wants Megan to act in a movie. A lawyer is going on a sea-change to South America but she is keeping the reason a secret. A woman seems to have the gift of healing but people are out to exploit her.
9 Apr. 1986
Changes of Heart
Billy hires a woman to be a new member of the security staff and she seems to take a while to adjust. Peter's old employer arrives at the St Gregory with his daughter, and a business proposition.
30 Apr. 1986
Promises to Keep
The daughter of a movie star, who has written a tell-all autobiography about her childhood, is confronted by her mother. Christine is becoming serious with a doctor.
14 May 1986
Christine and Peter have trouble expressing their feelings for each other. Peter finds that his brother is the bodyguard of a Central American president.
21 May 1986
Christine decides to leave the St. Gregory and a farewell party is held in her honour. Peter appoints Julie as her replacement and Megan is unhappy with where her career is going.

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