Veronika Voss (1982) Poster


Hilmar Thate: Robert Krohn



  • Robert Krohn : Shall we sit down? There are seats free at the front.

    Veronika Voss : No. Let's stay here! Please! People would recognize me, understand? They'd stare at me and talk about me. Some might even want to start a conversation. Do you understand?

  • Veronika Voss : Tell me about your triumphs.

    Robert Krohn : My life's pretty humdrum, you know. No victories. No defeats anymore.

  • Veronika Voss : I'm sure you felt bad.

    Robert Krohn : Felt bad?

    Veronika Voss : For not recognizing me. You didn't recognize me immediately, did you?

    Robert Krohn : No, not at once.

    Veronika Voss : You see! You can't fool me. Let me tell you, it was a joy for me that someone should take care of me without knowing I'm Veronika Voss, and how famous I am. I felt like a human being again. A human being!

  • Robert Krohn : Movies are not reality, of course.

  • Veronika Voss : Do you think I'm a beautiful woman?

    Robert Krohn : Yes, very beautiful. I think you're a very beautiful woman.

    Veronika Voss : [laughs]  A woman with both light and dark sides.

  • Veronika Voss : Good-bye, Robert. You may call me Veronika.

    Robert Krohn : Good-bye, Veronika.

  • Grete : You'd make a good pair - at the bar.

    Robert Krohn : You mean she drinks?

    Grete : All actors drink. And when they don't have any work, they hit the bottle. It's the law of nature. Her marriage is finished, too.

    Robert Krohn : Is that true or just gossip?

    Grete : Another law of nature, my boy: the gossip you hear about an actor is always true.

  • Robert Krohn : Thanks, Grete. If I can do you a favor anytime...

    Grete : Not likely. Sports are always about the winners and I'm interested in the losers.

    Robert Krohn : You wouldn't have Voss' address, by any chance? She's one of your losers.

    Grete : I'm only interested in them as long as they're losing, not after they've lost.

  • Veronika Voss : When we go away, the furniture has to be covered, the shutters closed, and the electricity turned off.


    Veronika Voss : It's like people who know they're dying and have to put everything in order first. Do you have idiosyncrasies like that?

    Robert Krohn : No. I don't think so. And you?

    Veronika Voss : Me? I like to seduce

    [opens her robe] 

    Veronika Voss : defenseless men. You are a defenseless man, aren't you?

  • Robert Krohn : Tomorrow is Good Friday.

    Veronika Voss : And the cross? Do you think I shall bear my cross, too?

    Robert Krohn : You've been bearing it the whole time.

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