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Jackie Kennedy Once Caught Kennedy Cousins Growing Pot in the Family’s Famed Hyannis Port Compound

Jackie Kennedy Once Caught Kennedy Cousins Growing Pot in the Family’s Famed Hyannis Port Compound
She was known for her elegant perfection and attention to detail, but there were some things even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis couldn’t control.

In a new memoir Jackie’s Girl by Kathy McKeon, who worked as the former first lady’s assistant and nanny between 1964 and 1977, Onassis once discovered marijuana growing in the garden of her home on the famous Hyannis Port Kennedy compound in Massachusetts.

In the book, McKeon described noticing some of Onassis’ teenage cousins rendezvousing in her flower patch. Although she thought little of it at first, McKeon became curious after they returned to the same spot day after day.
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Depression Lessons #4

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Here I present a work-in-progress lexicon of depressed speak. Sadly and magnificently, the tell offs and witticisms are almost entirely specific to the time when automats, dances and Dempsey were tradable cultural vernacular—but nevertheless! I encourage you to adapt these to make them your own in our time and bring them out to the streets again.

Care to dance?: "How about you and me steppin' on each other's feet?" —Docks of San Francisco (1932)

I could eat: “It’s gettin’ so my stomach does nip-ups every time it hears a nickel drop in the automat slot.” —Parachute Jumper (1933)

Greetings: "H'llo Jack Dempsey—how's fightin'?" —Docks of San Francisco (1932)

Agreed: "That suits me down to the ground." —Docks of San Francisco (1932)

I need new shoes: "Worn so thin I could stand on a dime and tell you whether it was heads or tails." —Central Park (1932)

Putting on airs: "Say listen brother,
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Prospects for Emmy Nominees

  • Brothers and Sisters-TV
I got this article in an email and highlighted the B&S mentions. No mention of the guys or Emily. Here's the link to the site The Envelope

Propects for Emmy acting awards

From drama, comedy and miniseries, these actors are up for the part.

By Tom O'Neil, The Envelope

June 4, 2008

Emmy's winners for acting are chosen in a three-tier system by actors who belong to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. During the first two weeks of June, they participate in a popular vote that determines a Top 10 runoff in each race. Finalists submit a sample episode of their best work to judges, whose scores are combined by accountants in a 50-50 mix with results of the original popular vote. The five nominees in each category are then announced July 17. Winners are decided based on judges' scores of the sample episodes and are revealed at the awards ceremony to
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