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  • Good-looking but virginal "rockstar" teen Tommy (Michael Morgan) tries to score with some of the local high school girls. But a classmate's mom (Dame Joan Collins) decides to make a man out of him.


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  • Los Angeles, California.

    While doing his math homework, Tommy (Michael Morgan) looks at pornographic magazines, conjuring up mental images of the model posing for the photo shoot. At school, Tommy and his friend, Ralph (Lanny Horn), smoke marijuana and peek into the girls' locker room, looking for a girl named Sheila (Erin Donovan). When another girl notices them looking through the grate, the boys run away.

    In French class, Ms. Jackson (Lee Purcell) nervously introduces herself as the new teacher, and the students laugh at her. Later, Tommy meets Dr. Delingua (Carrie Snodgress), his psychologist, and reveals that he was impeached as class president the week before. He admits that he has never had sex, and feels as if he is the only one in school who is still a virgin. While speaking, he fantasizes about receiving electroshock treatment from two buxom nurses. When Dr. Delingua suggests Tommy find a hobby, he insists he has no talents.

    At Sheila's house after school, Sheila tells Tommy she needs to practice for swim team tryouts with her friends, Lisa (Shell Kepler) and Cookie (Renee Harris). Because Tommy is upset that Sheila's commitment to joining the swim team prevents them from spending time together, Sheila's mother, Diane (Joan Collins), suggests that Tommy join the boys' swim team. After Tommy leaves, Diane overhears Sheila and her friends discussing sex, prompting her to remember being a teenager and kissing boys at parties. Lisa announces her intention to start using birth control, but Sheila is disgusted by the idea of taking pills every day. Meanwhile, Tommy and Ralph attempt to write a song with "meaningful" lyrics.

    At swim team tryouts, Sheila fails to make the preliminary rounds, and the coach encourages her to try again next year. Tommy telephones his friend Mix (Mark Brown) to ask him to join his new band called "The Flies."

    The next day, the boys invite Sheila to be their lead female singer; Diane encourages the idea, but Sheila says that she is only interested in swimming. Cookie offers to sing instead, against the wishes of her strict parents. Meanwhile, Sheila continues to practice swimming and writes in her diary about her improvement.

    In French class, Ms. Jackson expresses her disappointment with the students' poor test scores.

    Lisa receives a letter from her favorite singer, Reddog (Wings Hauser), inviting her to audition her skateboarding act for his show. Hoping to seduce Reddog, Lisa visits a gynecologist to obtain prescription contraceptives.

    Ms. Jackson invites Ralph to her house for private French lessons, and a teacher talks to Tommy about his slipping grades, warning him that he will have no future if he does not improve. When Ralph skips band practice to meet Ms. Jackson, he discovers the teacher is already meeting with Gilles (John Romano), a French transfer student who is also failing the class. Ralph promises to return the next day, and watches the lesson through the window.

    Mix visits Cookie's house, but when the girl's father sends him away, Mix sneaks into her bathroom. While talking to her husband, Diane reminisces about their teenage years, making love in the back seat of his car. One night, Mix seduces Cookie in his father's recording studio, while Ralph becomes sexually frustrated by his studies with Ms. Jackson.

    Lisa meets Reddog in his office, and they make love.

    Meanwhile, Tommy walks down Sunset Boulevard, avoiding the jeering of passersby. A prostitute takes him to a motel, but Tommy leaves when he is unable to become aroused.

    Gilles shows up unexpectedly at Ms. Jackson's house and kisses her, but she sends him away. At home, Gilles' father beats him for taking his sports car without permission.

    Lisa receives a telephone call from her gynecologist, informing her that she has been exposed to gonorrhea and needs to come in for an appointment. Lisa telephones Reddog, but he avoids her call. At the doctor's office, the receptionist laughs at Lisa for having sex with Reddog.

    Tommy tells Dr. Delingua that he is unable to focus on school because he is preoccupied with the band, imagining performing in front of a screaming crowd while women undress around him. He expresses his concern that he will be a virgin forever.

    Lisa throws a costume party before the band's first performance at the school senior talent show, but Tommy leaves to find Sheila, who has not yet arrived. Meanwhile, Cookie's mother informs her husband that their daughter is no longer a virgin, prompting him to storm into Cookie's room and forbid her from seeing her friends.

    Tommy finds Sheila in her pool and continues to be frustrated by her obsession with swimming. He goes inside to use the telephone, but ends up helping Diane hang a painting. She runs her hands across his body as he climbs down the ladder, inviting him to the couch, where they undress and make love.

    The next morning, Cookie telephones her band mates to inform them that her father will not let her play in the show, but that night, she sneaks out the bathroom window. When Sheila's parents leave on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, Sheila tells Lisa that she has to miss the show to continue swimming without interruption. During the performance, Lisa trips over her skateboard, causing the band members to fight and walk offstage.

    The next day in the final scene, Tommy tells Ralph that they should try to break into film making.

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