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Candice Bergen: Margaret Bourke-White



  • Margaret Bourke-White : [interviewing Ba in prison]  Is it hard, being separated this way?

    Kasturba Gandhi : Yes. But we see each other in the day.

    Margaret Bourke-White : But not at night?

    Kasturba Gandhi : In Hindu philosophy the way to God is to free yourself of possessions, and the passions that inflame anger and jealousy. Bapu has always struggled to find the way to God.

    Margaret Bourke-White : You mean he gave up... married life?

    Kasturba Gandhi : Four times he tried, and failed. But then he took a solemn vow.

    Margaret Bourke-White : And he has never broken it?

    Kasturba Gandhi : Not yet.

  • Margaret Bourke-White : Do you really believe you could use non-violence against someone like Hitler?

    Gandhi : [thinks]  Not without defeats, and great pain. But are there no defeats in war? No pain? What you cannot do is accept injustice. From Hitler, or anyone. You must make the injustice visible, and be prepared to die like a soldier to do so.

  • Margaret Bourke-White : So you really are going to Pakistan then? You are a stubborn man.

    Gandhi : I'm simply going to prove to Hindus here and Muslims there that the only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts. And that is where all our battles ought to be fought.

    Margaret Bourke-White : So what kind of warrior have you been in that warfare?

    Gandhi : Not a very good one. That's why I have so much tolerance for the other scoundrels of the world.

  • Margaret Bourke-White : There's a sadness about him.

    Mirabehn : He thinks he's failed.

    Margaret Bourke-White : Why? If anything's proven him right, it's these last months.

    Mirabehn : I may be blinded by my love for him. But I believe, when we most needed it, he offered the world a way out of madness. But he doesn't see it. Neither does the world.

  • Margaret Bourke-White : [to Gandhi]  You're the only man I know who makes his own clothes.

  • Gandhi : You're a temptress.

    Margaret Bourke-White : Just an admirer!

    Gandhi : Nothing is more dangerous, especially for an old man.

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