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Drive-In Dust Offs: Body Double (1984)

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Brian DePalma has always come under the gun of the Movie Police, whether it’s for charges of Hitchcock “homages” or misogynistic attitudes towards his female characters. Well round up the paddy wagons for Body Double (1984), the clever thriller that mixes Vertigo, Rear Window, and the adult film industry into one heady stew that audiences took a hard pass on at the time. Maybe it was too classy?

Released in late October by Columbia Pictures, Body Double returned less than its $10 million budget and garnered the same mixed reviews that followed DePalma around for most of his career. (For those keeping count, Ebert gave it a three and a half star review; did his appreciation of the female form inform his opinion? Discuss amongst yourselves.) Regardless of its box office demise, Body Double lives on as one of DePalma’s cleverest magic tricks, a cinematic sleight of hand gussied up in fishnets and mirrored ceilings.
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Waterworld: what it was like before it was a $175m epic

Ryan Lambie Jul 24, 2017

It was a legendarily expensive action vehicle for Kevin Costner in 1995, but Waterworld originally began life as a subtly different story...

Tales of Waterworld's making have long since passed into legend. You've probably read about the long and difficult shoot on the open seas around Hawaii, about the soaring costs, the sinking sets and the increasingly fractious relationship between the two Kevins - director Kevin Reynolds and star Kevin Costner. You've probably heard about a pre-Buffy Joss Whedon being flown in to revise the script, and how, getting wind of all this, the Hollywood press started calling Waterworld names like "Fishtar and "Kevin's Gate".

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What's less commonly discussed is just where Waterworld came from. It's often reported that the screenplay was written by Peter Rader and later reworked by David Twohy; what's less widely known is that Waterworld could
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Horror Highlights: The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Man, Wizard World Cleveland, Cavity Colors, Blue Underground, Apocalypse Kiss, NJ Horror Con

Dark Horse's The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man comic book series tops today's Horror Highlights, which also includes Wizard World Cleveland, new releases (respectively) from Cavity Colors and Blue Underground, Apocalypse Kiss, and the New Jersey Horror Con.

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man Comic Book Series: Press Release: "Milwaukie, Ore., (March 14, 2017)—Victorian horror fans, rejoice! Dark Horse is delighted to announce the follow-up to 2011’s cult classic The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde, with The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man. Mr. Hyde’s Cole Haddon brings fans even more Thomas Adye adventures, while Sebastián Cabrol (Thief: Tales from the City, Caliban) lends his beautiful art to the story, and Hernán Cabrera (Caliban) brings the art to life with his gorgeously grotesque color palette.

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Man finds Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard struggling to return to normalcy after his run-in with
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Jude Law Plays a Legendary Demon in Fantasy-Themed Japanese Pepsi Ad

Japan is responsible for some of the most entertaining commercials ever made. I enjoy how epic and over-the-top they are. Pepsi has released an awesome series of commercials in Japan that features Jude Law playing a legendary demon!

There are five commercials total, and the story follows a mythical hero named Momotarō, a.k.a Peach Boy, who is a great warrior that was literally born out of peach. The first three commercials tell the origins of Momotarō and his talking animal accomplice. They are preparing to battle a demon named Onigashima, who is played by Law. That character is introduced the fourth episode embedded below.

This is probably one of the most epic commercials I’ve seen. The production value is incredible, and the special effects are awesome! This looks like feature film quality work. I’ve included episode four directly below, and under that you’ll find a
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‘Frightmare aka The Horror Star’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

  • Nerdly
Stars: Ferdy Mayne, Leon Askin, Jeffrey Combs, Luca Bercovici, Nita Talbot, Leon Askin, Jennifer Starrett, Barbara Pilavin, Alan Stock | Written and Directed by Norman Thaddeus Vane

“There was Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, and Conrad Ragzoff! They were all stars who lived and died. But only one returned…”

Fandom takes on a whole new meaning when a group of film loving college students decide to pay the ultimate respects to their favourite horror icon, the recently deceased Conrad Radzoff (Ferdy Mayne). How do they do this? Hold a memorial? Have a Radzoff horror marathon? Nope, they decide to steal his freshly buried body and give hime the ultimate farewell house party back in their mansion! Like most cases however, this is one of those instances were one of your heroes is actually an arsehole (Cough-Tom Savini-Cough!). You see, Radzoff had an often fatal temper. Not even a
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It Came From 1980 X: Terror On Tape… or How a Videotape Can Turn You On

There are a few fan favorites from the VHS era that are favorites solely because of they are completely indicative of the VHS boom in the mid 80’s. One movie that would qualify for this distinction would be Terror on Tape. It’s got one of the sexiest covers in the history of media packaging and is ripe for the nostalgic horror fan who sees a VHS tape being squeezed by a monster hand as a symbol of their own frustration and adoration for this somewhat lost medium (somewhat lost because it’s making a creeping comeback). Comet Video and Continental (same thing different name) put this one out as a sort of advertisement for the titles that Continental was distro-ing. Little did they know that the film itself would take on its own life as a piece of iconographic advertising. It’s a collection of short clips from some
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On Test: Blinkbox vs LoveFilm vs Mubi (Playstation 3)

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Sony’s plans to make the Playstation 3 the heart of the home cinema is coming ever closer with the launch of two new movie-streaming services this month, LoveFilm and Mubi. These join the music streaming / on-demand service VidZone (review here) and the “still-in-beta” PS3-optimized service from Blinkbox which is available via the browser and Sony’s very own Psn Movie Store.

But with the launch of the two new services, the question on everyones mind is which of the currently available movie-streaming services are the best? We here at Blogomatic3000 decided to road-test them to bring you the definitive answer!


A newcomer to the movie-streaming game, Mubi also brings a social element to the movie watching experience with over 300,000 users watching, talking and sharing movies with each other. Unlike other streaming services, Mubi emphasise quality over quantity with a much smaller range of movies than its competitors – although
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