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  • A group of women miners get fed up with their lifestyle and decide to try crime. After successfully pulling off a jewelry store robbery, they fail to sell the jewelry and are forced to trade the jewels for cocaine. Soon they are busted by undercover cops when they try to sell the drugs, sending four of the women to a prison where a butch head guard uses the prisoners for her own deviant pleasures. Eventually they break out and split up. A Shah, who lost his priceless Scarab ring in the original robbery, tracks it to the two remaining women and offers them an employment opportunity. Director Ted Mikels appears as Leo the Fence, who is killed by one of the women who stomps him repeatedly with her spiked heel.


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  • (00:00) Intertitle: "In the beginning... there were ten good girls."

    Four girls are outside of a Gold Mine: Sheila (Sally Alice Gamble) in a patterned shirt and baggy trousers; a tall brunette in a red shirt and white slacks; a girl in white t-shirt and yellow shorts; and further away, busy with a shovel, a Girl Miner in a blue-stripes t-shirt (Lani Silver). Sheila warns Tom'the Atom Bomb' (Thomas J. Manning) that there are women inside, but the demolition expert - and only man at the wor site - tells her not to worry, because "they're in the other alley". When he detonates the explosives, three girls come out of the cave, proving that he was wrong: one girl comes out coughing, complaining of a hurt ankle; Maggie Benson (Dixie Lauren), a brunette in green t-shirt and blue jeans; and Beth (Paula Ian) a tall girl in Scottish patterned t-shirt and blue shorts, who screams that Sam is still inside. Maggie enters the dark cave quickly, while there are still rocks falling around, and comes out carrying Samantha Sommers (Sherri Vernon), a brunette in blue t-shirt and bluejeans, on her shoulders.

    Maggie confronts Tom and tells him, "Pack your shit and get out of here". Tom complains that he has been working for three weeks without pay, and decides to take his pay by attacking and ripping the striped blue shirt off of the Gold Mine Girl, exposing further her heavy, firm breasts. The eight women gang up on him, beat and kick him up [off camera].

    Maggie and Sam call Beth apart and suddenly suggest they start "to live the easy way", making a hand gesture to mean as armed robbers, instead of being gold-diggers. Beth promptly agrees smiling, and they are joined by Sheila.

    (04:15) Intertitle. "A short time later, with class."

    A black 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV arrives at The Marketplace Mall, and stops in front of the jewelry shop. Maggie, smartly dressed as a classy driver, opens the doors for two ladies, Samantha in a brimmed hat and black dress, and Beth with (a wig of) white hair in a blue dress. The two ladies enter the Brett Walker Jewelry shop. Behind the engraved glass door, the Guard (Jack Dees) and the Jeweler (Frank Walshe) welcome them. Samantha is attended by the shop's assistant Sheila in an adjoining room, and the Jeweler attends to Beth's wishes. The ladies see several jewels, and then Beth complains about the loud argument between Liz (Christina De Cattani), a brunette with glasses and a scarf that covers all of her hair, and Carol (Sally A. Gamble), a black girl in light blue dress, in front of the shop's window. The Guard goes out, and escorts the girls away. Beth says she has decided to "take them all", smiling, and the Jeweler smiles back delighted until he sees a big gun pointed at him. Samantha does the same at Sheila. Both demand that all the items be placed inside their hand bags. The Jeweler complains that the pieces are very valuable, designed by him, but obeys.

    Maggie sees on the rear-view mirror that a black Mercedes with two Arabs is parking behind hers. She klaxons, giving a warning to Joanie (Sherry Hardin), a look-out girl in salmon shirt and a head bandanna, who steps in the way of the Sheik's Man (Michael McCloskey) who was heading to the jewelry shop. She asks what time it is, he shows her the wrist-watch, and she starts a silly talk about watches. The two other look-out girls are still arguing about an alleged car that was supposed to have been parked in front of the shop, and stalling the Guard. Inside, the two ladies force the Jeweller into the vault, and leave the shop with the jewels, plus the Bismark collection in a briefcase, Beth keeps a gun pointed at their "hostage" Sheila, hidden under her black handbag, as the trio walks to the car outside. The Jewellery Guard runs at them - leaving the two girls still arguing - but his aim is just to open the door for the ladies.

    (09:20) Intertitle: "The getaway"

    The Mark IV drives away fast. The Guard returns to the shop, and is puzzled not to find the Jeweller. The Sheik's Man returns to the car, where the Arab Sheik (Charles Gorgano) is still waiting.

    The Mark IV stops in a narrow alley in West Houston Street, Santa Ana [near Ben Warner's car shop and the E-Z Labor pay services], and the four women get out, and have a quick change of clothes. Apparently, the Lincoln Continental Mark IV had been stolen from Jock (Sigfried von Conanburg), whom they leave, naked, gagged and tied up, in the Mark IV's back seat [Jock's transfer from the car's boot is off camera].

    Jill McLean (Melodie Bell) a curly blonde, was waiting in a blue sedan with white top, and when the three look-out girls arrive in a brown sedan with white top, driven by Joanie, with Liz and, in the back seat, Carol, she gets out and and tells the women in the Mark IV to hurry up. They do: Sheila gets aboard the brown sedan by the driver, as Liz had already moved back in this three doors car, and the other three women get into the blue sedan, again feeling the inconvenience of a three-door car.

    Meanwhile, a Policeman (Johnny Hawk) arrives at the Jewelry Store attracted by an alarm. The Guard managed to open the vault, and the Jeweler is now free, in a rage because his collection worth $1,000,000 in gold, diamonds and sapphires, is gone. The cop tries in vain to get a description of the robbers, and it's then that the Jeweler recalls they took his assistant hostage. Between the Jeweler and the Guard, the Policeman learns that the robbers had been 3, 2, and 4.

    The Sheik's Man (Michael McCloskey) enters the shop, and the Jeweller tells him that the entire Bismarck collection has been robbed, though he expects the insurance company will pay, so the items can be replaced. The Sheik's Man says, "My master's scarab can not be replaced! He will not leave one stone unturned to retake his ring! It was a sacred scarab, and it took a long time to find it, and now it's gone... It grieves me greatly that I'll have to tell him. I have to go now."

    (13:00) Intertitle: "The chase is on."

    The two sedans park side by side at a small parking lot, and the eight girls get together in joy, particularly Sheila, who seems to have been drinking from a gin bottle she keeps in her hand. Meanwhile, Achim, the Sheik's Man, is driving around with the Sheik, looking for the Lincoln Mark IV. The firsts who find the car are a teenage boy and two girls who, with the help of a wood box, manage to peer inside, curious about the naked man inside. They run away when the Sheik's car drives into the alley. Achim opens the limousine's door, exposing Jock [off camera].

    (14:30) Intertitle: "Shoot-out at duck park"

    Later in the evening the women are all at a park of Seal Beach City. Some are drinking gin, others start arguing about what to do with the guns, and it progresses to its use at shooting people, how to practice on moving targets... Sheila asks Joanie to stand, and be a moving target for her... The girl refuses, and Sheila tells her to drink some more. Carol says that she used to shoot ducks when she was in Florida. Samantha sets a defiance for them to prove who is the best shot. "Right! Take your guns, and line up!" says Maggie, now in an obvious state of drunkenness. They line up in two rows back to back, holding up their guns: Sam, Sheila, Beth and Liz, against Maggie, Carol, Joanie and Jill. "On the count of three, turn round and fire!" intones Sam. As she counts out, "One - two - three!" the women step apart and turn suddenly on each others, shooting at will at their adversaries bosoms lightly covered by shirts and t-shirts. They screech, but keep "shooting", and laughing, as their clothes become wet and see-through, due to the water from their "guns".

    (16:00) Well past sun-set, the women arrive at Paradise... (Nevada), driving through the South Las Vegas Boulevard passing the neon signs of its casino hotels: the space-themed Vegas World; the Marina Casino Hotel, offering fine dining of lobster and prime ribs and Frederick Apcar's «A BARE TOUCH OF VEGAS» mini revue [demolished to give way to the MGM Grand]; the Circus Circus Hotel Casino; the The Dunes Hotel [operating from 1955 to 1993]; the Stardust that had on the Lido of Paris show [imploded in March 13, 2007]; the Barbary Coast [operating from 1978 to 2007] and the Flamingo Hilton. At a nondescript nightclub, the 8 girls have some food, and more booze.

    (16:50) Intertitle: "The plot thickens..."

    The telephone rings at Leo Vieira's, better known as Leo the Fencer's (Ted V. Mikels) mansion. He's topless, wearing a large, wild boar bone in a necklace over his hairy chest, and is waxing his mustache by the swimming pool where three girls are cavorting. His assistant Vickie (Anne Gaybis) takes the call, and passes it to him - showing her annoyance about the morning caller: "It's a broad!" Leo wants to know how Sheila has got that number. Sheila who seems to have had a previous relationship with Leo, gives him a name, he accepts it, and she tells him she has a $1,000,000 collection for him. He quickly accepts to meet her that evening, alone and with the stuff. He sends the three broads away. At the Riviera Hotel [operating from 1955 to 2015] the 8 girls get together in one of the suits, and dress up for the evening out.

    Early evening, Leo receives yet a phone call, from the Mob Man (Steve DeFrance), telling him in a menacing tone he would better pay, or else. Leo does not have the money, and the man suggests he may pay with any other "liquid assets" such as... jewels, thus making Sheila's visit the more important for Leo.

    Sheila, Samantha, Maggie and Beth are waiting for their meeting at a disco, where she is accosted by a Dude (Lyle Peskin) with an invitation from his boss, Leo Vieira. Their conversation is being watched from another table by Achim and the Sheik's Guard (Bertrand Levesque). The Dude is not pleased that Sheila is accompanied by three of her girls - but he escorts them to a car driven by Danny (James Emery); Sheila gets in and her girls follow her in the blue sedan. Unknown to all, they're followed by the two Arabs in the Mercedes.

    Leo shows his displeasure at the presence of four women instead of one, dismisses Danny, but calms down and inspects the jewels. Vickie brings some drinks, and her attention is immediately attracted by the shining stones. Leo tells Sheila he won't pay for the jewels, and Sam stands up and says they'll offer them somewhere else. Leo pulls a plastic bag with white powder from a drawer, and says he is offering them a trade, "at street value, $500,000". As the girls are reluctant to accept, he adds one, then two similar bags to the lot, making it $1,500,000. They keep their objections, and he starts menacing them with a revolver, ordering them to leave while they're healthy. Maggie pretends to sample the stuff before accepting, opens a plastic bag, shows she is pleased, and as Leo relaxes his attention, she blows part of the stuff into his eyes, and Sheila clobbers a full bottle of whiskey on his head. Leo falls, but he automatically presses the trigger, wounding Beth who was sitting in front of him. Maggie helps Beth out of the room, .Sam picks the briefcase with the jewels collection, and Sheila stays back, puts the three bags of drugs in her handbag, rips off the man's fetish necklace to take as a souvenir, then she stomps Leo's chest repeatedly with her spiked high-heel sandal, stabbing him through the stomach until her pumps are slippery with blood. On their way out, and in darkness, crossing the pool section of the mansion, Samantha punches Vickie to the jaw, and she falls into the pool, and Maggie hits the Dude on the head with a piece of rock and he falls face forward on the grass.

    (28:45) The fugitive women meet with the other four in the brown sedan, and they drive to somewhere with trees and shrubs, in the thick of the night. Joanie goes hysteric when she sees Beth is badly wounded, and Sheila shouts, "What happened to Beth could've happened to any of us, it's the risk we take." She doesn't stop crying, and Sheila slaps her. "Leave her alone," says Carol, holding Sheila from behind. Sheila turns on her, in a rage, and they fight briefly in the darkness, rolling on the grass, pulling hair and ripping each other's evening dresses, until both women's breasts are uncovered.

    The fight is stopped by Joanie, who screams when her hands touch the gory pumps of Sheila... Carol, declares that she is splitting from the group, and Maggie tells her, "Whatever your share will be, we will give it to you somehow." Maggie takes a commander attitude then; she shoves Carol aside, saying: "You and Joanie just get out of here! The rest of you get in the car because from now on we're traveling light..."

    A Santa Ana Officer drives by in a police car [Uncredited]. He sees the brown sedan leaving the scene with Carol, Joanie and the wounded Beth who wakes up from her faint during the fight scene, and Sam and Maggie standing by the blue sedan, inquires, "Is everything alright, ladies?..." and accepts Maggie's calm answer, "Just resting our eyes, officer." He drives on.

    Maggie keeps in command, shoving Sam, and moving quickly: "C'mon! We're getting rid of this car, and then we're leaving!" Next, the two girls conduct a car-jacking, forcing a Hairy Man (Barry Hostetler, 1974 Playgirl nude model, uncredited) at gun point to strip to his shorts, then shoot him - with a water-gun - and escape with his clothes and his light blue 1977 Chrysler Cordoba. On their way, they cross the black Mercedes with the two Arabs, all lights out, without noticing it.

    The 5 girls hide the jewels, except the scarab-ring that Maggie takes to herself, with just a light reproving exclamation from Sheila, "Maggie!..."

    (34:20) The 5 girls arrive in the light blue car to the Filthy McNasty's, offering live entertainment in North Hollywood. A pair of men sitting at another table pay them a round of drinks, and Sheila leaves her table to sit with them. She offers to sell them a lot of "good stuff". Sheila goes out to the car park to show them the stuff - and Samantha follows them, worried because she knows Sheila has already drank too much. One of the man samples the stuff, and shows her his policeman's badge. Sheila - wearing Leo's fatal necklace - says, "Oh no!" and pulls her water-pistol from her purse. The cop shoots first his real gun, and Sheila falls dead in front of Samantha, who hurries inside to inform her friends. She still has time to bury the ring at the feet of a Madonna statue at the entrance door. The four girls try to reach the stolen car, but are arrested by the cops, for drugs possession. The cop says, "Andere!" [sic, Italian for "Andare!" meaning "let's go"]

    (40:05) Intertitle: "...busted!!!"

    The 4 "new girls" are received in prison by a short blonde Guard (Claire Gable) who asks the women to deposit their valuables, "all of them" at the front desk. They're escorted to one of the prison's sections, and given a speech before they enter the cells, by the Head Guard, Terry (Georgia Morgan), a retired Navy commander with a deep voice, blond pompadour hair and dragon lady nails. "I am Miss Terry (Georgia Morgan), and I'm in charge of this section. Now, I want you girls to know that I do not condemn your past mistake They were made up of a lack of guidance early in your lives...) It's my intention to see that you receive the proper guidance you need. (...) I'm ready to personally take time from my schedule to help any of the girls whenever they need, days or nights." Maggie rolls her eyes, and mutters, "Especially at night." The Head Guard pauses briefly, looking sideways at her, and continues, emphatically: "Specially at night. Feel free to come to me with ay of your problems, and I know we'll solve them together. (...) Today is the first day of the rest of my life." Also listening are a couple of girls who seems to share some intimacy - Donna Moore (Leigh Reynolds), a beautiful redhead with stunning waist long hair, and a taller black-hair girl, Pam Jensen (Julie Wakefield) - and an assorted racial mix of Other Jail Prisoners - #3684 (Marie De La Rosa), #78 (possibly Tamasiro Kiyoko), another Japanese (possibly Sato Kaworu, seen only later at the shower line-up), brunette twins (Joan Keehr and Jerry Keehr, only one seen in close-up) and a stocky blonde (possibly credited as Jackie, seen only later topless at the shower line-up). "Oh shit," mutters Sam. That provokes Terry's explosion of bad temper, "God dammit! No one speaks while I'm talking! Do you understand that?! All of you!... I'm in charge here!" She quickly recomposes herself, and ends with, "Now, in parting, I'd like to welcome you... aboard!" Miss Robbins (Peggy Hayes), the big black guard, warns Samantha, now #7272, to be ware of Terry and Madge too, before she closes the door of her cell - which she shares with Maggie (whose tunic has no prison number), Liz #280, and Jill #3584. The girls resent being in prison for no reason, as they had no part in Sheila's tentative of selling the drugs... Donna Moore (Leigh Reynolds), a beautiful brunette with stunning waist long hair, and her taller cellmate Pam Jensen (Julie Wakefield) offer friendship to the four new inmates, and warn them that the black girl, Jackie Kent (Juanita Morgan Copeland) and her friend Doris (Eileen Lee), a crazy girl with a doll, are dangerous; they also warn them against Madge (Jane Farnsworth), a "hypocrytical religious old creep" who enjoys banging a girl's head on the metal bars holding her by her hair. Donna tells them that escaping is not easy, because only Miss Terry has the whole lot of keys needed to get out; but if the new girls come up with a good escape plan from the inside, she and Pam will provide all the needed help outside.

    (49:10) Madge picks Samantha Sommers (Sherri Vernon), to Miss Terry's room, where she is drinking in a white nightgown, who offers her privileges in exchange for Sam to change her attitude towards her. Samantha rebuffs her advance, which infuriates her - but she doesn't go further than a hard slap, and verbal menaces. Only after Sam leaves, does Terry pick up a short horse whip, bending it with lust.

    Meanwhile, in the cells, Juanita calls Donna to her bed - and a lesbian tryst follows.

    (55:10) Shower time. Jackie Kent, in her underwear, demands that Samantha lets her and her friend use the shower first. Sam, also in her bra and panties, insults Jackie, who slaps her hard. The two girls fight, with slaps, elbows to the midsection, a strangle. Maggie (Dixie Lauren) still in bra and panties, interferes and is attacked by the topless Doris (Eileen Lee). Terry orders Miss Robinson not to interfere. Samantha calls for Maggie's help, who is still fighting with Doris, and ends by knocking her down with a belly punch. Then, Maggie holds Jackie's arms from behind, and Sam is able to give a couple of good belly punches to the black queen-bee that floors her. Warden Clark (Sonja Knowlton) is an imposing, tall brunette, who keeps notes on Miss Terry, and questions her about the incident, but does not seem to present any real menace to her, and Terry dismisses the fight as "a commotion in the showers".

    (59:00) Madge takes Samantha aside, and orders her to go on her knees in a room. "Go to hell!" says the young woman. "I don't like violence!" retorts the prison assistant, as she downs Sam with a punch to her right kidney. Miss Terry, in a white negligee revealing her white bra, is enjoying the scene from the door, and holding a truncheon horse whip. When the girl was about to punch Madge's belly, Terry knocked her out with the truncheon. Sam woke up in her white nightshirt [Goof: The inmates did not had nightshirts to spend their nights.] and tied to a chair. "We're going to straighten you up, Sam..." promises Terry, as she holds now her horse whip, and Madge kneels, praying to Jesus. Terry empties a litter bin on the floor, and places the metal bucket over her head, beating on it to stun the girl, and next beating her exposed body with a rolled wet towel. "I'll get you for this, Terry!" says Sam through clenched teeth. "Ha, this is the best part..." smiles Terry, caressing her whip. Next, Sam returns to her cell in the blue short tunic that is the regular uniform, sobbing.

    (64:00) Surprise search of the cells, for an allegedly knife that disappeared from the mess. Not surprisingly, Madge finds the knife in Sam's cell, and accuses Maggie Benson for stealing it. "I see..." says Terry. Sam shouts out in defense of her friend, and Terry was about to hit her, when Maggie strangles her; Terry let's go her notepad and whip, and delivers a double karate chop to the tall girl's neck, who then is finished by Madge's uppercut to the jaw as she still holds a large bunch of keys in her hand. She gives a few kicks to the fallen tall girl. Sam tries to intervene, but she is grabbed from behind by Miss Robbins. She is sent to solitary, and later she is visited by Terry - while Jackie waits outside - and beaten with the horse whip.

    (67:10) Next morning, Jill and the redhead and Sam are mopping up the floor of the first floor corridor. Terry and Madge interrupt them, Terry sends the other two girls to another floor, and then sadistically tells Sam that she had paid a "long visit" to Maggie in solitary the previous night, and lets her alone to scrub the floor, and with a brush, forcing her to do that on her knees.

    Jackie and Doris find Jill alone on the scrubbing duty of the upper floor, and tease her. Doris: "Well, well... Look just who's here. Our good friend, Jill McLean." Jackie: "Just when I was thinking of having a hell of a good'nd clean fun..." She starts pulling the curly hair of Jill, who quickly answers by elbowing her to the stomach, punching Doris's face and picking up a mop stick and fighting Kent with it, who defends with a broom stick. Before Doris can attack her, Jill darts down the stairs, and hides in a cubicle to escape their pursuit.

    She changes her hiding place, and happens to overhear a conversation between Warden Clark and Ms. Cameron (Lynn Culver), trying to get the support of the short blonde guard against Terry, and failing. Jill tells Sam what she heard, but that night, she is sent alone to a cell, where Kent and Doris visit her, and rape her [off camera], and Samantha is sent to the solitary for two weeks.

    (74:00) Intertitle: "The escape"

    After two weeks in solitary, Sam and Maggie, and the other two former Gold Miners, are ready to escape. Donna and Pam assure them that their boyfriends outside have everything ready for the escape. That evening, Samantha pays a visit to Terry, and obeys her order to crawl on her stomach to kiss the dominatrix feet. Then she is allowed to sit by her on the bed - over which hangs an oil painting of Terry in her younger days. Terry rips Sam's tunic open, and starts kissing her breasts. Jackie Kent calls Miss Robbins to take Jill out of her cell, because the girl looks "to have appendicitis, or something". Jill, once out of her cell, elbows the much bigger woman to the stomach, and knocks her out with a punch. Then she takes her keys, and opens all cell doors, but that of Kent and Doris. Sam is still in her underwear when she karate chops Miss Terry to the neck, and knocks her out; she ties her face down on the bed, and then whips her with her own horse whip [off camera]. Then she dresses in Terry's uniform. Samantha and her three teammates, plus Donna and Pam ambush Madge, Sam punches her to the crotch, and the others gang up on her, gag and tie her, and leave her inside a small cubicle. Then a quick run down empty corridors of the technical section of the prison, opening one door after another, until the final fire door to the night outside - where a car was waiting for them as promised. They were a bit crowded until the meeting point with Donna's and Pam's boyfriends, and the two girls changed to their car. The four escaping convicts, still in their prison uniforms, take a ride from a man driving a car in pitch black darkness, and they don't recognize he's Achim, and not even Maggie recognizes the Sheik's Mercedes. They ask him to drive them to the spot where they had buried the jewels, which he does. The girls dig up the earth, but can't find the loot they stashed. Achim is waiting in the car, and Maggie asks him to stop at a nearby cantina - which is the Filthy McNasty's again - and returns quickly to the car, showing off the ring she had hidden there before their arrest. Achim leaves them at some hotel, and calls the Sheik from a public telephone outside - wearing new t-shirts and trousers or shorts - and promises he will retrieve the precious ring. He snicks into Sam and Maggie's room, and tries to take the ring, but Sam wakes up, and scream, and Achim has to flee before she puts the lights on. Samantha and Maggie smoke and play cards till early morning - and Maggie exhibits her acrobatic skills and flexibility, by holding cards between her left foot toes, picking them with her right hand as she holds the cigarette with her left hand.

    In the morning, they were still asleep when Jill and Liz knock on their door to announce they were splitting - having bought new clothes at the shop's opening hour, and charging the cost to their hotel room. They say their good-byes and leave the hotel. Next, they are visited by Achim - dressed as a sailor - who pretends to be the hotel manager and being unable to pay the heavy bill left by the four girls. He suggests the two young women may pay for the expenses at the hotel by working at a "pleasure boat" that belongs to the same company and is about "to leave the port for the Mediterranean in two hours".

    Thirty minutes later, Achim drives the girls to Pier #1, and presents them to the Yacht Steward (Sal Hasbun), who asks the girls again if they're willing to do anything, and if they can dance. They reluctantly answer yes. In a minute, they are trained by two Belly Dancers, Samra and Anisha (credited as Samra and Cheryl Jensen), and start performing with the professional belly dancers.

    The Sheikh appears suddenly on the Yacht with a Police Officer (Neil Hays), saying, "The officer is here to arrest you girls. However, I've recovered my jewels, and all the other jewels have been returned to their rightful owners, and I have now recovered [extending his right hand to Maggie's who quickly takes off the ring, putting it in his hand] scarab-ring, I decided to drop all charges against you girls." "In that case, you don't need me," the officer says. The Sheikh dismisses him with a "Thank you," and then, as he hugs delicately the bare shoulders of the two former Gold Miners turned violent women, "Now... shall we have a little wine, in preparing for a happy journey ahead?"

    (95:00) Last intertitle: "...So they sailed off into sunset, living happily ever after."

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