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Season 5

25 Sep. 1985
The Ransom
When Hooker's children come for a visit. his daughter is kidnapped. He learns that she was kidnapped by his former partner who turned bad and was sent to prison. He wants to know where his family is. Hooker's learns they are now in the witness protection program.
2 Oct. 1985
Return of a Cop
Hooker's father shows an intense interest in a routine supermarket robbery case that Hooker is investigating.
9 Oct. 1985
To Kill a Cop
When a cop who's a friend of Hooker's is killed by a man he and his partner, Dunston sent to prison. Hooker tries to help his wife but Dunston thinks Hooker is infringing on what should be his responsibility. And when Hooker reexamines the man's arrest, he discovers things that Dunston wanted to stay a secret.
6 Nov. 1985
Death Is a Four Letter Word
A detective hunts the pornographers he thinks caused his teenage niece's death.
13 Nov. 1985
The Assassin
Hooker learns from the Feds that a man he knew in Vietnam who is now an assassin, is going to assassinate some Russians who are in town for some peace conference. He tries to find him. He starts by talking to the man who hired him an extremist who opposes dialogue with the Russians.
20 Nov. 1985
A plan to capture a drug dealer backfires, resulting in Hooker losing an officer and the FBI losing $100,000.
27 Nov. 1985
Funny Money
Corrigan considers leaving after accidentally shooting an undercover informant during a counterfeiting investigation.
29 Jan. 1986
The Night Ripper
A recent murder makes Hooker suspect "The Night Ripper" has resurfaced.
5 Feb. 1986
The Obsession
Hooker battles city hall to rescue Stacy from robbers led by a son of an influential citizen.
12 Feb. 1986
Taps for Officer Remy
When Hooker runs into a cop he was involved with, he wants to talk but she says not now. Later he learns that she was killed. There are rumors that it may have been a hit. And when he talks to her partner, the guy gives Hooker the cold shoulder and Hooker gets a weird feeling off of him.
19 Feb. 1986
Semiconscious after an auto accident, Stacy is taken in by an escaped mental patient claiming to be a doctor.
26 Feb. 1986
Hooker, Corrigan and Stacy pose as bank employees to capture a gang that has already slain one police officer during a bank robbery.
30 Apr. 1986
Murder by Law
A shotgun killer leaves a trail of female attorney victims.
7 May 1986
Partners in Death
Hooker considers the future of Stacy and Corrigan's partnership after friendship becomes confused with romance.
14 May 1986
Death Trip
A paramilitary group targets people they deem "threats to society".
21 May 1986
Blood Sport
Hooker and his team become the protection detail of a Senator, and an old friend of Hooker's, after Hooker saves his life during a routine prisoner transfer in Hawaii while the Senator pushes his anti-terrorist bill.
21 May 1986
Into the Night
Hooker crosses the mob and the FBI while investigating a robbery where a former police officer is shot.
28 May 1986
Deadly Force
The main clue in a robbery-homicide is a laser-aimed gun similar to that used by a comic-strip character.

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