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A magic memory...
TinTin-619 January 2001
It was a summer afternoon and I must have been 10 years old. I was sleeping over at my cousins and because we were bored we ended up watching TV. That's when 'Through the Magic Pyramid' came on. It changed my teenager life! I was completely sucked in by the movie. Like the main character Bobby, I was transfered back in time, in the mystical area of pharos and pyramids. After the movie ended I became an Egypt freak, collecting everything that had to do with the subject. 20 years later I became a screen writer and one of the project I'm working on is a children's story set in the magical world of Egyptian legends and myths. That movie really influenced me.
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To this day....
redtrouble77714 April 2007
...I have actively searched this movie. I saw it around the age of 10, my little brother was 6, and this is the childhood movie that made the biggest impression on me. I really wish I could watch it again. Funny thing is I watched it dubbed in Spanish as at the time I did not live in the States. Nevertheless, I loved every minute of it. Sometimes the simple things like a good story are way better than the big flashy special effects driven movies. I only managed to see it the one time, so I cant really comment on the acting, visuals, or any of that, but just the fact that 20 years later it's vivid in my mind as the best fantasy movie of my childhood, must count for something. I have only found out today that it is called Trough the Magic Pyramid. I have been searching under Tut and Tuttle... Ron Howard, how about a modern day remake??????? I'm sure it would be a hit!
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Through the Magic Pyramid movie
ritbeat20 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen this movie a long long time ago... when I was a little boy the funny thing is that I never knew the name of the movie till yesterday. I was browsing over the internet and I found a website where it shows a lot of Egyptians stuff then I saw the cover of the movie & description and there it was ''Through the Magic Pyramid '' I am so glad that I found it after a long time of searching for this movie I'm' finally know the name . I am looking for this movie to own it on VHS & DVD I would like to have it on both formats . So if anyone has any idea where or how to find this movie please let me know I will appreciate it thanks a lot . Rigo
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Wow - what a goofy movie!
j_remmi22 April 2005
What do I say? Can you sit through 90 minutes of TV's Vic Tayback as an ancient Egyptian official? Can you suspend your sense of the ridiculous long enough to watch a pee-wee league football player run around the Firestone Tire factory? Can you wrap your head around the fact that the director of "Ransom" also had a hand in this goofy televisual experience? I can - and you can too, when you watch this... thing. It's hilarious for all of the wrong reasons. I knew it was silly when I was 10 years old - and I certainly know it now. Yet, it's an experience I cannot forget.

"Tut and Tuttle" (originally titled "Through the Magic Pyramid") is a colossal example of bad 80's television. It's like the moldy casserole that you left in the fridge way too long. You have to open it. Then you have to share it with someone - anyone - right away! Here! you gotta smell this!
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