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Warren Beatty: John Reed



  • John Reed : All right, Miss Bryant, do you want an interview? Write this down. Are you naïve enough to think containing German militarism has anything to do with this war? Don't you understand that England and France own the world economy and Germany just wants a piece of it? Keep writing, Miss Bryant. Miss Bryant, can't you grasp that J. P. Morgan has loaned England and France a billion dollars? And if Germany wins, he won't get it back! More coffee? America'd be entering the war to protect J. P. Morgan's money. If he loses, we'll have a depression. So the real question is, why do we have an economy where the poor have to pay so the rich won't lose money?

  • Louise Bryant : What as?

    John Reed : Well, it's almost Thanksgiving. You could go as a turkey.

  • John Reed : Louise, I love you.

    Louise Bryant : No, you love yourself! Me, you FUCK!

  • [repeated line] 

    John Reed : You don't get to rewrite what I write.

  • John Reed : Look, what does a capitalist do? Let me ask you that, Mike. Huh? Tell me. I mean, what does he make, besides money? I don't know what he makes. The workers do all the work, don't they? Well, what if they got organized?

  • John Reed : Profits.

  • John Reed : You don't get to rewrite what I write! You don't get to rewrite what I write!

    Pete Van Wherry : Stubborn son-of-a-bitch. How are you gonna pay your rent?

  • John Reed : Zinoviev, you don't think a man can be an individual and be true to the collective, or speak for his own country and speak for the International at the same time, or love his wife and still be faithful to the revolution. You don't have a "self" to give.

    Grigory Zinoviev : Would you be willing to give yourself to this revolution?

    John Reed : You separate a man from what he loves most, what you do is purge what's unique in him. And when you purge what's unique in him, you purge dissent. And when you purge dissent, you kill the revolution! Dissent IS revolution!

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