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  • William T. O'Niel, a honest policeman is transferred to the mining colony on Io, one of Jupiter's moons, as the new mining colony's new marshal. O'Niel soon begins investigating the deaths of miners, whom have died from violent deaths, as a result of lethal overdoes from a illegal narcotic, which allows the miners to work for hours and go crazy, before dying. When one of the miners, whom has taken the narcotic, goes berserk, holding a prostitute at knife point. O'Niel, without help from his deputies, goes after the drug dealers, who are selling the narcotics to the miners. But, O'Niel soon discovers the mining colony's administrator Sheppard is behind it and sends hired assassins to kill O'Niel and O'Niel decides to take on Sheppard and his hired assassins alone and enforce the law in the mining colony. Edit (Coming Soon)


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