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  • A dramatized account of how the staff of the Canadian Embassy helped a group of American diplomats escape from Iran during the Iranian Revolution.

  • This film tells a combination of how Ken Taylor and his Canadian Embassy staff in Teheran during the Iranian hostage crisis hid half a dozen American embassy staffers at great personal risk. It furthermore tells the story, which was revealed much later to the cover story for the joint CIA/Canadian rescue operation, of how Ken Taylor successfully smuggled those Americans out of Iran safely under the noses of the internal security forces.


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  • The movie was closely based on the documentary Escape from Iran:The Inside story that was researched , directed and produced by Les Harris of Canamedia Productions of Toronto, Canada; the same producer and company that made the movie Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper. It tells the story of how the US Embassy in Tehran was overrun by students in 1979 and how six of them escaped to freedom with the help of Canadian diplomats. Canadian Consular official John Sheardown and his wife Zena gave refuge to 4 and Ambassador Ken Taylor and wife Pat, looked after two in their homes. and how , with the help of the Canadian Government, the six were made temporary Canadian citizens and exfiltrated out of Teheran's Mehrebad airport to safety. The movie shows how the CIA screwed up with the stamps on the passports, showing the date of entry to be after the date of the proposed exfiltration. Amistake dicovered by Canadian First Secretary Roger Lucy. At the time the film was made the involvement of CIA agent Anthony Mendez was not known, so when the six fly out, they are shown flying out alone.

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