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AMY and the angel
kdjb1324 March 2006
its actually Amy who is depressed hence AMY and the angel it was Amy who wanted to Kill herself that's why the angel came down to help her Sara the one with the curly hair is Amy's friend and it was Amy's temper that got Sara angry Helen is great in this where even Meg Ryan wasn't that good Helen is a wonderful actress and the reason why i got this sent around the world to me. Helen later stared as Supergirl which is the best movie ever there must be people out there that love it like me. At the end of this after school special Amy is OK looks happy and learns to accept and enjoy her life as she because she found out what it would be like if Amy Watson did not exist. Helen shines the rest just fade away
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Correction on Amy's friend with curly hair
wilsonandrewc3 August 2014
The girl with curly hair who is Amy's friend is Janet played by Alexa Kenin not Sara played by Jennifer Ashe. Those of you who think otherwise need to watch it again and it's on youtube. Sara is probably one of the mean girl, Denise's friends. If you watch the movie very closely, you'll see that Amy's friend with curly hair is Janet, not Sara. Janet was the one who got angry over the phone about Amy's temper, not Sara and Janet was the one who was killed when she drove drunk in the world in which Amy was never born, not Sara and Mrs. Mixner was Janet's mother, not Sara's. And the one who told Amy that it didn't matter as long as they had each other was Janet, not Sara.
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teen version of its a wonderful life
telex1-115 January 2005

If memory serves me right, this was about a lonely teenage girl,Sara, that thought her life was worthless and unimportant. She lives alone with her loving mother and has upbeat optimistic best and only friend,Amy. Amy is very happy to be Sara's friend. Even though Sara is extremely depressed and short tempered all the time. Sara tells Amy to leave her alone and stop bugging her. Amy leaves in tears.

Like "Its a wonderful life" she starts thinking that life would be better off without her. Enter teen angel Oliver on his last chance to make it into the angel band. He grants her wish of never being born. Amy goes back to the town not believing the Angel has done this.

What she finds is a childless mother that's living alone who resembles a deranged cat lady.

yet the saddest thing is what has become of her best friend Amy. I clearly remember the dramatic scene of Amy begging Sara's mother to tell her what happened to Sara.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Amy's friend"


if only that was true...If only she had had some friends even one good friend"

the film climaxes with Sara finding Amy's gravestone in a storm,of course. Angel Oliver appears and explains that without her friendship. Amy became extremely lonely took her own life. Sara argues that Amy wouldn't do that. That she was a happy person. But Oliver yells back over the thunder "that's only because you were a part of that life.Don't you see Sarah we all contribute something to the people around us."

Sara begs for her life back. She wakes up with her friend Amy still tearful and getting her books she left earlier. Sara hugs Amy and apologizes. Oliver gets into the angel band and Sara has learned a valuable lesson

yeah it was cheesy but I remember thinking it was cool. of course i was only a kid at the time and my recall of this after school special is a little blurry.
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It's a Wonderful Life (if compared to no life at all).
dennisg-615 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a remake of "It's a Wonderful Life." Amy is a high school student, with one friend (who has no friends). Amy sees her life as a lost cause: her mother dreams of her being a social butterfly (fat chance); her grandfather (who owns a garden shop) is her only bright spot (but even he doesn't give her the thanks she deserves for working there, and helping him out with his life).

Meg Ryan is a legend in her own mind -- the hottest thing in school. Matthew Modine is the new kid in school, and he is assigned to be lab partner with Amy. He treats her well, and Amy feels a little better about things. Later, he asks to see Amy at the garden shop after work. Amy knows that the big dance is coming up, and thinks he is going to ask her out (WOW).

Then, Meg sinks her teeth into the new boy, and dumps a tray of food into Amy. She runs out of the lunchroom (not knowing that Modine tells Meg to flake off). During her next day at work, Amy wonders if Modine will still show up. Well, he doesn't show up (and doesn't even call to cancel). This is the last straw. Amy decides to commit suicide.

James Earl Jones and Hermione Gingold send a young angel to stop Amy from dying. He tries several things to make Amy feel better, but Amy says she wishes she had never been born. Voila, she hasn't been born.

This new existence shows Amy that she has had a powerfully positive influence on all of the people in her life.

P.S., This is the First movie for Meg Ryan ... and Helen Slater ... and Matthew Modine. Whoever did the casting has a good eye.
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