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Season 2

15 Oct. 1982
Rome, Italian Style
On the SCTV Foreign Film Festival, Angelo loses control of his fantasies.
22 Oct. 1982
Days of the Week, The/Street Beef
Everything comes to a head at Clay and Sue Ellen's wedding; Johnny meets a valuable ally at the bar.
5 Nov. 1982
Sammy Maudlin Show 23rd Anniversary/CBC
Sammy celebrates a milestone anniversary, sidekick William B walks off the show, and the janitors of SCTV go on strike.
12 Nov. 1982
Indecent Exposure
Guy Caballero is busted for writing a bad check to Fred Willard, forcing the arrival of SCTV Chairman Allan "Crazy Legs" Herschman. In 'The Nutty Lab Assistant', Ed Grimley makes his debut in this spoof of 'The Nutty Professor' in which Grimley decides to concoct a potion to make himself more attractive to his girl crush, and he ends up transforming into pop singer John Cougar. Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town looks at atoms and rainy day activities. Also, Jackie Rogers Jr. promotes his late father's last TV special, "Swingin' With Mother Nature."
19 Nov. 1982
The elections in Melonville for various public offices are under way. Mentally unstable Mayor Tommy Shanks is up for re-election against the seedy Vic Hedges. Meanwhile, Libby Wolfson runs for City Council, than becomes infatuated with her opponent. Also, the Shmenge Brothers salute John Williams, Brock Linehan interviews Linda Hopkins. In segment the "Human Sexual Response with Dr. Cheryl Kinsey", the shrink looks at teen dating, and of course, Melonvote Live.
26 Nov. 1982
Jane Eyrehead
Features the segment "Angel Cortez: FBI Jockey." Bobby Bittman PSA for the Public Library. Gus the Security Guard makes everyone sign in while, John Houseman reads the phone book, "Farm Film Report" with Deney Terrio. The band America performs "Right Before Your Eyes." SCTV Movie of the Week: "The Bowery Boys In The Band." Dr. Rawl Withers introduces The National Midnight Star. Harry the guy with a snake on his face sells de-scramblers. A "reasonably faithful" spoof of Jane Eyre. Reverend Gene Filler of the Church of Unlimited Credit. "Monster Chiller Horror Theater" ...
10 Dec. 1982
Towering Inferno
The SCTV office moves into the tallest, thinnest building in Melonville, which turns into a spoof of 'The Towering Inferno' as Guy, Edith, and others are trapped in the 200-story tall building just as a fire breaks out and strands them on the uppers floors. Also, "Peter Pan" starring Divine and David Steinberg. Al Peck sells used fruit. "There's Justice For Everybody" starring Steve Roman. An ad for the Kid Sister Organization. "Monster Chiller Horror Theater." "One On the Town" looks at public transportation. When Wives Look Older Than Their Husbands: Farm Wives. "...
17 Dec. 1982
Christmas 1982
Guy Caballero and Johnny LaRue come to blows over a meager Christmas bonus, resulting in a busted, drunken Johnny desperately tracking down Santa. Segments include Lola Heatherton's "Love Spirit" Christmas Special. Ed Grimley stars in "The Fella Who Couldn't Wait For Christmas." Rex and Edna Boil's Curio Emporium. Count Floyd's "Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas." The lighting of the Melonville Christmas Tree. The Shmenge brothers explore Leutonian Christmas traditions. "Pre-Teen World Christmas Edition." Bobby Bittman and Jackie Rogers Jr. star in "Christmas - ...
28 Jan. 1983
A Star Is Born
"The Days of the Week" returns for another six-episode run with a few new characters. The debut of "Half Wits" and "Artisans and Their Art with Bradley P. Allen". A spoof of the 1976 film 'A Star is Born' starring Crystal Gayle as an up-and-coming singer named Esther Blodgett who deals with her alcoholic husband who is past his prime. Finally, Idella Voudry makes her first appearance on "Melonville Calendar."
11 Feb. 1983
SCTV Classifieds/Vic Arpeggio
To encourage small business advertising, SCTV cuts its ad rates, resulting in a series of on-the-cheap ads for several micro-entrepreneurs. In the segment "Stars In One" profiles aging child star Rusty Van Reddick. Vic Hedges stars in "Vic Arpeggio, Private Investigator". Steve Roman plugs his Valentine's Day special. Also, a group of philosophers debate whether the animated cartoon 'The Flintstones' was a rip-off of the 1950s sitcom 'The Honeymooners'.
18 Feb. 1983
Bobby Bittman's Retirement
After discovering that he's opening for Ben Vereen and not the other way around, Bobby Bittman retires from show business. Sammy Maudlin's ex-sidekick, William B. Williams, hosts his own talk show with Irving Cohen. Bernadette Peters gets blown up real good on "Farm Film Celebrity Blow-Up". Also, Episode 9 of "Days of the Week" follows our scandalous characters for more drama. "Sunrise Semester." Finally, Claire Warmel presents "Communicating With Extremities."
25 Feb. 1983
Sweeps Week
It's Sweeps Week and SCTV is promoting specials like "Jumping for Dollars", where large busted women jump up and down while Johnny LaRue watches, and "The Dallas Cowgirls Salute Aaron Copland," which is bit more self-explanatory. We also see the preparation for the special "Night of the Prime Time Stars," which is nearly thwarted when a poltergeist haunts the station, kidnapping Ed Grimley and Gus Gustofferson among others. Also, "Days of the Week" Episode 10 continues. Finally, promos for the miniseries "The Long Hard War."
11 Mar. 1983
South Sea Sinner
William B Williams returns to the Sammy Maudlin Show. The Shmenges host a beauty pageant. Jackie Rogers Jr. plugs his biographical special, "Jackie, We Hardly Knew Ye".
18 Mar. 1983
Midnight Cowboy II
"Midnight Cowboy II", a takeoff of the original Midnight Cowboy movie. Also, "Whatever Happened to Baby Ed" as a spoof of "Whatever Happed to Baby Jane". The final episode of "The Days of the Week" (with cameos by Catherine O'Hara and Carol Burnett). Finally, "Mel's Rock Pile" hosts the British punk rock band, The Queen Haters, and they trash the place.

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