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Season 2

29 Oct. 1981
Make Room for Uncle Buster
After a three day health food convention in Cleveland, Stella and Dee arrive home to find Stella's Uncle Buster being arrested for causing an explosion on Harper Valley Drive with one of his latest screwball inventions. Annoying and intrusive at times, but after a heart to heart talk with her compassionate mom, daughter Dee learns to love Uncle Buster as much as Stella.
5 Nov. 1981
Good for the Goose.... Sauce for the Gander
An angry and jealous Wanda throws Bobby out of the Reilly Mansion because of his casual flirtations, but then lives to regret it when he turns to her rival, Stella Johnson, for comfort and support.
12 Nov. 1981
Reunion Fever
At Stella's 25th High School Reunion, Calvin Kendall, an old boy friend of Cassie's, makes a play for Stella, causing the only fight that the two best friends have ever had. When Stella learns that Calvin is married she threatens to tell Mrs. Kendall about his cheating ways unless he repairs the damage and hurt feelings that he has caused her best gal pal Cassie.
19 Nov. 1981
The $500 Dollar Misunderstanding
Flora Reilly tries to shut down a local mens club, unaware that Mayor Harper and her son-in-law Bobby are members. After Stella gets busted for an illegal lottery ticket and thrown in jail, she discovers from public records that Flora's great grandmother founded the club and entertained men in a burlesque revue.
12 Dec. 1981
Stella's Scam
Stella gets a new job as Mayor Harper's assistant and a bribe from a shady man called Slick. He offers her $10,000 to steal copies of the construction bids for the new wing of Harper Valley's Hospital.
19 Dec. 1981
Harper Valley Christmas
After the Scrooge like CEO of Reilly Enterprises (Flora Reilly) refuses to sign the Holiday bonus checks for all her employees, she is knocked unconscious by a falling Christmas tree. Later, she is visited by three ghosts who show how her miserable life will end if she does not change her evil ways.
26 Dec. 1981
Low Noon
A destructive motorcycle gang called The Banditoes has arrived in Harper Valley. The gang's leader, Clutch Breath has informed town matriarch Flora Reilly that they have no intention of leaving unless Stella Johnson goes with them!
The Show Must Go On
Flora Simpson Reilly writes a play for a community theatre production and casts her daughter in the lead role of the Viking Princess. But, after Wanda falls and injures herself during a rehearsal, the director insists that Stella takes over the starring role in Flora's dramatic epic, "The Curse of the Widow's Heart".
30 Jan. 1982
Firechief Follies
When the town's fire department, run by Flora Reilly fails to respond to a local neighborhood blaze because of irresponsible volunteers and antiquated equipment, Stella demands that the town council elect a new fire chief. But, when Stella is elected to the position, Flora and her daughter Wanda do everything in their power to sabotage her efforts to improve the departments efficiency.
6 Feb. 1982
Svengali of the Valley
A doctors posthypnotic suggestion turns town meanie (Flora Simpson Reilly) into Stella's unlikely new best gal pal....temporarily, anyway!
20 Feb. 1982
Stella Della
The townspeople of Harper Valley think that Stella has flipped her wig when she becomes nasty and aggressively pursues a married man (Bobby Taylor) in a public restaurant. Stella has a hard time convincing everyone that her look-a-like cousin Della is actually the brazen hussy !
27 Feb. 1982
Stella Rae
With the help of a charismatic union organizer named Kowalski (Sal Viscuso), Stella joins the picket lines to protest the unfair working conditions in Harper Valley which is run by the ruthless Flora Simpson Reilly.
10 Apr. 1982
Harper Valley Hoedown
Flora's rich cowboy nephew from Texas has agreed to give her millions of dollars to make improvements at the Reilly Paper Mill, with one condition. Cousin Claude is depressed about his love life and wants Aunt Flora to hook him up with that pretty little heifer, Stella Johnson !
17 Apr. 1982
Grizzly Gap
Stella chaperone's Dee and her friends on a school related camping trip deep in the woods of Grizzly Gap. During a friendly poker game, Stella's Uncle Buster and Mayor Harper learn that a dangerous criminal has escaped from jail and is heading back to his old hide-out at Grizzly Gap.
24 Apr. 1982
The Return of Charlie's Chow Palace
Stella and her Uncle Buster help restore a 1950's teen-age hangout to it's original glory despite Flora Reilly's plans to bulldoze it and erect a monument to herself !
1 May 1982
Harper Valley Sentinel
A handsome newspaper publisher named Tom Meecham gets on Flora's bad side when he prints an editorial in the local paper criticizing one of her companies. To make matters worse, he invites Flora's enemy, Stella Johnson (as his date) to a lavish dinner party thrown by the grand dame herself, where a political debate ensues.

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