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Alternate Versions

Some versions do not have subtitles on a part where the Jive Dudes are talking. The original theatrical release had subtitles.
In the TV version, when the plane crashes into the gate area, the lady runs with her baby. In the theatrical release, she throws it in the air and starts running.
The TBS television version adds more scenes with the two kids acting like adults.
On the broadcast television version, there is an extra joke when the plane is landing. Elaine exclaims, "Look out, Ted! The mountains! The mountains!" Ted replies, "Elaine, we're over Iowa." Elaine then says, "Look out, Ted! The Corn! The Corn!"
Some broadcast versions have an additional scene at the airport in which a couple recognizes someone they know. "Hi, Jack!" they yell to him, causing airport security personnel to grab him and haul him away.
In another scene added to the broadcast version, the flight crew looks first to the left and then to the right as the plane's jet engines come to life, accompanied by the sound of an old propeller engine sputtering into action.
In the network TV version, the abortion exchange between the man and woman on the PA system is removed.
Some video versions feature different songs on the soundtrack compared to the original release, probably due to licensing problems.
In recent UK 'Sky Movies' broadcasts the punchline to the cocaine joke which had her snorting some white powder was cut. Also cut was the line 'Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue'.
In the TV version shown on UPN, Chuck Connors appears briefly as "The Sarge", the same character he plays in Airplane II
In a TV version, there is a scene showing Kramer and McCroskey having an argument at a water dispenser.
UK DVD release is rated '15' because of the director's commentary. The movie itself is still rated 'PG'.
In the TV version, an alternate version of the scene with the woman's breasts wiggling is shown featuring a woman in a tight red and yellow striped t-shirt and drum sound effects accompanying her moving breasts. Whistling is also heard.

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