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11 Apr. 1980
Episode #1.1
Sketches include "Friday Edition", "Police Gynecologist" (Michael Nesmith/William Dear film), "Los Angeles School for Doormen," Kenny Loggins performs "Keep the Fire" and "This Is It."
18 Apr. 1980
Episode #1.2
Sketches include "Bruce Mahler and Johann the Parakeet Play Violin," "Skunkman: The Bank Robbery," "Stranger Than Anything," and "Dick the Womanizer". The Boomtown Rats performs "Someone's Looking at You" and "I Don't Like Mondays."
25 Apr. 1980
Episode #1.3
Sketches include "Diner of the Living Dead," "Chatty Lady on the Escalator," "Friday Edition," "Herpes Test II," "The Inflatable Nun," "Women Who Spit," and "Solly Mullin: Temporary Lawyer." The Clash performs "London Calling," "Train in Vain," "The Guns of Brixton" and "Clampdown."
9 May 1980
Episode #1.4
Sketches include "Solly Mullin: Temp. Secretary of State," and "Dr. Pain, The Sadistic Chiropractor." Warren Zevon performs "Gorilla, You're a Desperado" and "Johnny Strikes Up the Band."
16 May 1980
Episode #1.5
Boz Scaggs performs "Breakdown Dead Ahead" and "JoJo."
6 Jun. 1980
Episode #1.8
Sketches include "Johannes the Friday's Parakeet Needs Marijuana Seeds," "Bite the Bullet" (Tom Kramer short film), and "Western Saloon". Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers perform "Shadow of a Doubt" and "American Girl."
20 Jun. 1980
Episode #1.9
Sketches include "Family Feud: The Kennedys vs. The Carters," "Friday Edition," "Computer Dating," "Awkward Strip Club Encounter," "Chatty Lady Backstage on Fridays", "Battle Boy," "Tom Kramer's Jazz Brunch," and "Stranger Than Anything: Caveman Muffins" The Beach Boys performs "Keepin' the Summer Alive" and a medley of "Good Vibrations" and "Goin' On."
27 Jun. 1980
Episode #1.10
Sketches include:"Family Breaks the Fourth Wall," "Nauseating Spasms" (Tom Kramer film), and "Dick the Womanizer: Jeans Shopping". Graham Parker performs "Empty Lives" and "Stupefaction."
4 Jul. 1980
Episode #1.11
The Jam performs "Start!" and "Private Hell."
5 Sep. 1980
Episode #2.1
Sketches include "Urban Monster" and "Friday Edition." Eddie Money performs "Running Back" and "Trinidad."
12 Sep. 1980
Episode #2.2
Sketches include "The Three Stooges: Atomic Bong." Kim Carnes performs "Cry Like a Baby" and "More Love."
19 Sep. 1980
Episode #2.3
Sketches include "Friday Edition," "Battle Boy," "A Night in Tehran (The Marx Brothers in Iran)," "Drugs R Us," "A Cop with 'Roids," and "Chicken Puppets". The Cars performs "Touch and Go," "Shoo Be Doo" and "Gimme Some Slack."
3 Oct. 1980
Episode #2.4
Sketches include "Skunkman," "Friday Edition," and "George Bargate: The Jehovah's Witnesses." Al Jarreau performs "Distracted" and "Spain (I Can Recall)."
10 Oct. 1980
Episode #2.5
Sketches include "Lunatic In The Kitchen," "Friday Edition" (featuring "Film Review with Larry David" reviewing Private Benjamin), and "Midnite Sermonette with Pastor James Babbett." Split Enz performs "I Got You" and "I Hope I Never."
Episode #2.6
Sketches include "Seeking Springsteen's Endorsement," "Dick Goes to Vegas," and "Friday Edition" (featuring Science Correspondent Bruce Mahler). Ted Nugent performs "Paralyzed" and "Scream Dream."
Episode #2.7
Sketches include "The Great 1980 Debate (a.k.a Reagan Tries to Be Like Jack Burns)," "White House Exorcist," "Enter the Matzoi," and "Political Break-Up." Dire Straits performs "Skateaway" and "Romeo and Juliet."
Episode #2.8
Sketches include "Reagan Moves Into the White House," "Battle Boy," "Drugs R' Us: Delivery Girl," "Atrocity at the Retirement House" (Tom Kramer film) Devo performs "Whip It" and "Uncontrollable Urge."
14 Nov. 1980
Episode #2.9
Sketches include "Star Wars Memories," "The Elephant Joke Man," "Ice Skating Convicts" (Tom Kramer film), and "The Brotherhood of the Men Who Ho-Hum Between Words". The Busboys performs "KKKay," "Johnny Soul'd Out" and "Minimum Wage."
Episode #2.10
Sketches include "Dallas: Who shot J. R.?." Heart performs "Bebe Le Strange" and "Tell It Like It Is"
Episode #2.11
Sketches include "Bruce Mahler's Pirate Song," "The Transphibians at the Pet Store," "The Latin DJ,". Pat Benatar performs "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "Hell Is For Children."
10 Dec. 1980
Episode #2.12
Sketches include "The Ronny Horror Picture Show," "Nat E. Dred: The Rasta Gourmet," and" Steve Forbert performs "Romeo's Tune," and "Get Well Soon." NOTE: Reruns removed "The Ronny Horror Picture Show" due to the producer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show being against the parody.
Episode #2.13
Sketches include "The Three Stooges: The Numb Boys," "Dick: Christmas," "Friday Edition featuring Friday Focus Report: Street Corner Santas," and "Strange Christmas Present." Rockpile performs "A Knife and a Fork" and "Teacher Teacher."

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