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4 Jan. 1990
Oh, Brother
Mack discovers that Pomerantz is dead. He finds the doctor who signed his death certificate works for Oakman and is Pomerantz's uncle. Mack presses the doctor, who finally admits that Pomerantz is alive and living in Canada. Val tells Amanda she won't get away with her false accusations. Using psychometry, Ginny has a "psychic" feeling that Danny did rape Amanda and agrees with Gary to never leave him alone with the twins. Eric tries to work things out with Linda, who says she no longer loves him. Mack and Karen confront Michael about his involvement with Linda. Eric ...
11 Jan. 1990
Road Trip
Mike loans Harold a lot of money, which he loses gambling. Olivia tells Gary she needs money for tuition, but instead invests it. Mac finds out that Pomerantz is living in Canada as Neil Strauss. He asks Tom to accompany him to Canada. Tom pretends to call Paige, but really alerts Oakman. Oakman sends Joe to Canada to kill Mac, since Tom won't. Pomerantz tells Mac that he'll trade his books of illegal loans for his freedom. They go to the airport and exchange books. Joe is about to shoot Mac when the police arrest Joe and thank Tom for the tip. Tom calls Oakman and ...
18 Jan. 1990
My First Born
The D.A. says he'll look into the pension fund. Mack discovers that Greg owns Oakman Industries. Greg gives a press conference saying he fired Oakman and will restore the pension fund. Olivia makes a profit. Karen talks to her and explains that Harold is under a lot of pressure to provide for her and she decides to give him another chance. Harold loses even more of Michael's money in a poker game. Michael asks for the money back because he needs it for a condo he's buying. Greg's daughter, Mary-Frances comes to see Greg. She was working in a third world country, but ...
25 Jan. 1990
Out of Control
The Sumner Group is in chaos. Tom and the police question everyone. Greg's first wife Jane comes for Mary Frances' funeral. Tom discovers Paige had a relationship with Greg, and is angry she didn't tell him. Val and Danny move up their wedding date, and Gary implores her minister not to marry them. Danny tells Val that Gary attacked him with a bat. Val confronts Gary who tells her that when she gets married and the minister gets to the part about any objections, he's going to stand up and yell "Rapist, rapist, rapist!" Gary asks the William's to keep on eye on Danny ...
1 Feb. 1990
My Bullet
Both Michael and a bookie pressure Harold for money. Harold asks Mack to loan him $13,000, but when Mack hears how much money Gary has already given him, he says no. Harold calls Tom and says he knows who he works for, but will keep it a secret if he helps him out financially. Greg gets drunk, and the ghosts of Mary Frances and Galveston follow him around. Worried, Carlos calls Paige, but then Paula shows up. Jealous, Tom follows Paige to Greg's. Paige is angry, but Tom says he's never been in love before, and they make up. Carlos gives Greg floppy discs that Mary ...
8 Feb. 1990
The Ripple Effect
Greg discovers that Mary Frances had been part of a subversive group, and used his computer to look up shipments from Oakman Industries to Monbasa over the past two years. Val brings Danny to meet the neighbors. He charms them all except for Karen, who "knows" that Gary is right about him. Gary and Amanda sleep together and she moves to Phoenix to start her life over. Paige breaks up with Tom when he lies to her. Mac figures out that Tom is a "dirty" cop who works for Oakman. Willis tells Tom he has one last job for him. Harold empties Olivia's bank account to pay his...
15 Feb. 1990
The Grim Reaper
Dianne berates Karen for bringing Eric on the show. Karen demands to see her own fan mail when she learns the station reads and responds to mail sent to her. Eric and Michael make up. Tom tells Willis he quits, but Willis won't have it. Later, Willis turns up dead. Baylor helps Mack connect Sumner to Willis and the disposition of poison in third world countries. Gary refuses to leave the twins alone with Danny when Val is not home. Danny wants to adopt the twins. A man breaks into Greg's hospital room and injects poison into his IV, claiming responsibility for Mary ...
22 Feb. 1990
Wrong for Each Other
Eric threatens Linda to stay away from Michael, but she immediately tries to cozy up to him at work. Doctors indicate that Greg's IV was poisoned and the effects of the drug will not be immediately known. Karen meets Jeff Cameron, the assistant producer for her show. Jeff butters up Karen while sleeping with Diane. Paula admits to Karen that she is in love with Greg. Anne Matheson returns. Val is not happy that Danny has initiated adoption of the twins. Gary pleads with Val for them to tell the twins that he is their father. Danny violently reacts when Val says that ...
1 Mar. 1990
Good News, Bad News
Diane tells Jeff she wants Karen fired from the show. Paige tells Mack that she believes Tom has changed. Michael is unhappy when he and Linda are assigned to work together on a project. Danny punishes the twins for making "too much noise", and Ginny tells Val that she made a mistake marrying him. Linda is successful in her project at Sumner Group. Val notices a picture in Danny's wallet that he claims is his sister, but she later sees the woman and Danny's engagement in an old newspaper clipping. She learns from the woman's father that Danny beat and raped her. Anne ...
8 Mar. 1990
Devil on My Shoulder
Pat saves Danny's life while a hysterical Val watches. Greg tells Paula that Anne is a lot of fun, and he doesn't need a mother. Anne hocks her jewelry for money. Val is comforted by Gary. To get ahead at Sumner Group, Linda tries to cozy up to Paige. Later, she assists Paige's top client with a personal matter and finagles her way into sharing an office with Michael. After Pat quits her job and says she wants to go back into medicine, Frank threatens to leave her and take Julie with him. Anne uses a connection to invite Paula on a out-of-town panel. At a hearing, ...
15 Mar. 1990
Home Sweet Home
Harold calls Olivia to apologize, but she says she's having the marriage annulled. The police tell Val that they cannot remove Danny from the home without a court order. Olivia lies to Gary to get money, but later returns it. Karen gives a fan attention, much to Diane and Jeff's concern. Paige is not happy that Anne is trying to date Greg. Anne suggests to Tom that Paige and Greg may have feelings for each other. Tom later proposes to Paige. Danny throws Val's possessions onto the lawn after she moves to Gary's ranch. Pat gets a job at a hospital. Danny changes the ...
29 Mar. 1990
Only Just Begun
Diane tells Jeff they can use the stalker to scare Karen out of Open Mike. Both Val and Danny are unhappy that the divorce process will take six weeks or longer. Danny tells Bobby that Gary is his father, and he runs off the ranch. Gary tells the twins he is their real father. Danny is fired from his consulting job. Paula tells Greg she has a job offer in Toronto. Paige cannot commit to Tom's proposal, but she eventually accepts. Karen's stalker gets an autographed photo that he adds to a collection of other Karen memorabilia. A drunk driving Danny hits Pat in the ...
5 Apr. 1990
The One to Blame
Julie lashes out at Val and later Frank, blaming them both for Pat's accident. She refuses to leave her mother's bedside. Karen's stalker, Wayne, ends up getting a job as a security guard for the station. When Frank learns Danny hit Pat in a rental car, he vandalizes Danny's car in the cul-de-sac. Frank visits Danny and threatens to hurt him if he ever gets bail, which does eventually happen. Diane questions Jeff's loyalty to her; he no longer wants to be intimate. Greg proposes to Paige once he learns she accepted Tom's proposal. Greg hires an investigator to follow ...
26 Apr. 1990
My Love Always
Karen receives a letter at home from her stalker requesting an on-air birthday wish, then gets a call at work when she doesn't honor the request. Greg tells Paige that Tom is a thief, but she says she has dated worst. Anne steals Paige's driver's license, adds her photo to it, and uses it to open a new bank account. An accident on-set spooks Karen. Linda sets out on a plan to seduce Michael. Tom and his partner are accused by IA of stealing money from a narcotics sting. Gary sees Danny hiding in the background of a video the twins made while on the ranch. Karen's ...
3 May 1990
If I Die Before I Wake
Karen is on edge with fear at the station. Danny serves Val and Gary with restraining orders. Anne secretly knows that Paige is set to inherit a trust fund from her grandfather upon her marriage. Diane secretly leaks news of Karen's stalking to the press. Gary purposely stalks Danny to annoy him. Karen says she will leave Open Mike after the press and the stalker's phone calls become too much. Karen receives flowers with live snakes in the box. The doctor informs Frank that Pat is brain dead. Tom is suspended from the police department and learns $100,000 was ...
10 May 1990
The Fan Club
Jeff and Diane take down Wayne, who expresses shame to Karen for what people will think of him. Frank refuses to take Pat off life support until he can find a way to tell Julie that Pat is dead. Karen warns Linda to stay away from Michael. Wayne denies writing the letters and without proof, the police cannot hold him. Linda claims to Michael that Eric abused her. Frank punches Danny when he blurts out in front of Julie that Frank will be responsible for Pat's death if he ends life support. Karen's unseen stalker (not Wayne) puts a beef heart in a gift box with a ...
17 May 1990
Let's Get Married
Frank disarms Julie. The threatening letter to Karen now gives police evidence to prosecute her stalker. Pat dies after life support is removed. Wayne accuses Diane of being Karen's stalker. Anne forges a blank marriage license so that she can have Paige's trust fund wired into the account she opened. Police find evidence in Diane's home that links her to stalking Karen. Val and Gary work together to get Danny re-arrested. Diane ends up in a psychiatric ward after she is found to have LSD in her system. Greg is the mastermind behind Tom's set up and gives Tom a way ...
13 Sep. 1990
Return Engagement
While in jail, Danny has found "the Lord." Upon release, he moves in with a woman named Kimmy who is also religious. Danny keeps going to Val's on the pretext of getting his belongings. He tells Val he won't give her a divorce, as God doesn't sanction it. Greg's poisoning is affecting his liver, and the news hits the paper. His sister Claudia Whittaker shows up, and Greg says "I see the vultures are circling!" Claudia's daughter Kate looks just like Mary Frances. Jeff gives Karen and Mac cell phones for protection and then experiments making a phone bomb. Karen goes ...
20 Sep. 1990
Blind Side
Jeff is presumed dead. Ann's livid that Paige's trust fund didn't go to her account, and she returns Paige's wedding gifts for money. Greg asks Paige to go away on a cruise for him. Claudia asks Greg's doctor if a six-month cruise is safe for him and the doctor says he doubts Greg will live that long. Tom comes back and confronts Greg with a gun to have his charges dropped, and tells Paige that Greg set him up. Paige is still mad. She goes to meet Greg for the cruise and asks if he's really dying, because she won't believe her good fortune until he is dead and buried....
27 Sep. 1990
God Will
Claudia has Anne checked out and finds out she's broke. Anne decides to seduce Greg, but he never comes home. Tom stops by Greg's and sees Anne's clothes strewn about, and he assumes that they are Paige's clothes. Danny beats Gary up with a bat. Then he ties Gary up and forces him to drink alcohol. When Gary's nearly passed out, he puts him in a running car that goes off a cliff. Meanwhile, Danny's girlfriend, Kim, goes to see Val, and she kicks Danny out. Val waits up all night for Gary. She calls the police, knowing that Danny has done something to him. Val, Mack ...
18 Oct. 1990
Dead But Not Buried
Karen is overjoyed to find that Jeff is alive, until he locks her in the station and tries to kill her. He says Wayne was killed in his apartment, and he sent her all the letters. Dianne is there and calls the police. Jeff lies to the police, but Dianne taped the whole thing. Gary calls a frantic Val, and says the airbag saved him, but he kept passing out from the booze. He later talks to Karen, and Karen gives her famous "Pollyanna" speech. Paige makes up with Tom and moves in with him. Anne receives compromising photos of herself and a note demanding a million ...
25 Oct. 1990
What If?
Paige is offered a promotion which upsets Linda Fairgate. Anne attempts to manipulate an ex-lover.
1 Nov. 1990
You Can Call Me Nick
Nick suspects Anne of the blackmailing, and says that he is going to stay with her and go wherever she goes. Anne's upset that Marco only sent $20,000 for the blackmailer. Paige is angry that everyone at the office thinks she got the promotion for sleeping with Greg. She asks Greg why he treats her like dirt. He asks Paige to marry him, but she walks out. Greg is really starting to get sick. Karen goes back to work. Diane says Karen is an egomaniac, and that she got a new job and can't wait to leave. Police find a button by the pool where Danny was killed. Ginny ...
8 Nov. 1990
Do Not Attempt to Remove
Greg gets really sick and Carlos tries to call Paige. Tom and Paige fight about her working for Greg and she leaves. Nick makes her sleep on the sofa. Tom goes to see her at the office and tells her she's a brat and a bitch. He sees Greg and punches him. Julie has skipped school since the day Danny died and the police think she saw something. Anne tells Nick the blackmailers called. They're to drop the money at a department store. Anne drops alarm tags into a lot of shopping bags, so all the alarms go off. Anne grabs the money and runs. Nick apologizes to Anne for ...
15 Nov. 1990
The Best Laid Plans
Paige tells Mack that she never loved Tom the way that she loves Greg. Anne and Nick sleep together. She tells Nick that the blackmailers have called for the rest of the money and she's to meet them alone. Nick switches the briefcase with money to one with a bomb in it. Michael gives Linda an engagement ring. Julie tells the police that Danny showed up drunk when she was swimming. He slapped her and said he was going to have her arrested for trying to shoot him. Julie said she ran to the house with Danny following, and his fingers were broken as she tried to shut the ...
29 Nov. 1990
Side by Side
Gary tells Karen he's backing off from Val, the "queen of her own drama". Greg collapses and Paige waits with him at the hospital. Claudia tells the doctor that Greg only wants family to visit, and lies to Greg that Paige and Carlos aren't there. Claudia's mad when she finds out that Greg is leaving the ranch to Carlos and everything else to Meg. Julie's friend Jason mouths off to Frank. Nick finds the $20,000 Anne stole, and admits there is a bomb in the briefcase he gave her. Anne has hidden it at Paige's office, but Linda has taken it. Linda seduces Harvey to get ...
6 Dec. 1990
The Lady or the Tiger?
Jason's father beats him. Anne and Nick take the suitcases to a luggage store and call in a bomb threat. Tom, one of the investigators, notices the suitcase is Anne's. He takes it, and with the money buys a one way ticket to Brussels. Anne and Nick go to Tom's apartment, but discover he's gone. Linda sucks up to Alex, who works for Calloway. Alex tells Calloway that Sumner Group is ripe for a takeover. Val tells Karen that Gary is messy and smells like a barn. The maid tells Gary that Val left and said she'll be back when "hell freezes over." Kate tells the hospital ...
13 Dec. 1990
Asked to Rise
Because Julie skipped, Frank goes to school with her and sits in on her classes. She's mortified but they make up. Jason tells Mack that his father died and he lives in a foster home. Mack talks to the school who says it isn't true. Mack goes to his house and hears his father beating him. Claudia tries to keep Paige from seeing Greg, and meanwhile makes a new will for Greg with her as executor. Greg has his operation and asks Paige to marry him. She accepts. Nick and Anne get married, using Paige's name. Alex asks Linda for confidential figures, so she has him sign a ...
20 Dec. 1990
A Merry Little Christmas
Gary rescues the twins. Claudia finds out that Anne married Nick for Paige's money, and uses this to blackmail them into signing Greg's fake will. Anne finds out there is no money left in Paige's trust. Nick has to go to Rome but tells Anne he'll be back. Linda tells Greg that Paige's Calloway report was inaccurate, so she made another one. Greg calls a meeting at his hospital room and berates Paige. Furious, she walks out. Alex tells Linda that Greg has cut his company off and is firing their management. Michael wants to get married on New Year's eve, but Linda wants...

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