Superman (1978) Poster


Susannah York: Lara



  • [as Jor-El is preparing to send his son to Earth before the destruction of Krypton, Lara enters the room with the infant, Kal-El] 

    Lara : Have you finished?

    Jor-El : Nearly. It's the only answer, Lara. If he remains here with us... he will die as surely as we will.

    Lara : But why Earth, Jor-El? They're primitives, thousands of years behind us.

    Jor-El : He will need that advantage to survive. Their atmosphere will... sustain him.

    [He looks at his son and walks over to the area where the ship that will carry Kal-El lies. There are information crystals placed in slots on the edges] 

    Lara : He will defy their gravity.

    Jor-El : He will look like one of them.

    Lara : He won't *be* one of them.

    Jor-El : No. His dense molecular structure will make him strong.

    Lara : He'll be odd. Different.

    Jor-El : He'll be fast. Virtually invulnerable.

    Lara : Isolated. Alone.

    Jor-El : He will not be alone.

    [He holds up a clear crystal and takes a long look at it] 

    Jor-El : He will never be alone.

    [He places it in one of the slots along with the other crystals in the ship] 

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