Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (TV Movie 1978) Poster

Carmine Caridi: Calvin Richards


  • Sneed : They're avoiding us.

    Calvin Richards : With a look like that, your mother would avoid you.

    Guard , Guard : [laughs] 

    Sneed : There are plenty of openings on the graveyard shift.

    Guard : Maybe they're taking a swim.

    Sneed : Rock 'n' rollers don't bathe.

  • Calvin Richards : He created KISS to destroy KISS and he lost.

  • Sneed : This could get out of hand real easy, Mr. Richards. We don't want a riot on our hands.

    Calvin Richards : A riot? Ha, don't be ridiculous. High spirited kids, that's all I see. They're just reflecting the spirit of the park, that's all. We've got the rides, the attractions and we've got KISS.

  • Abner Devereaux : Hold it. That's enough of that. Not in this park.

    Dirty Dee : You talking to us?

    Slime : What's your beef? You a cop?

    Dirty Dee : It's cool. Chopper and Slime don't hurt nobody, 'less they want to.

    Abner Devereaux : Fun is fun, but that's carrying things...

    Slime : Just who are you anyway, old man?

    Abner Devereaux : I happen to be...

    Slime : Who do you happen to be? Huh?

    Calvin Richards : I'll tell you who he is. He built this park and I run it. Now if you can't control yourselves, you'll be out of this park before you get in. Sneed, you and your men keep tabs on these three.

  • Calvin Richards : KISS is the biggest group in the world and we've got them.

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