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Season 2

29 Apr. 1980
Whatever Happened to Gloria Robins?
Glover is thrilled when Gloria Robins, the beautiful film star, is admitted to a woman's ward and is soon romancing her with flowers. Characteristically Figgis is cynical but even he falls under Gloria's spell - as do Norman and Dr Thorpe. When Gloria is discharged she delivers an emotional farewell to Glover, which touches his heart - until he hears it again in one of her old films on the TV that evening.
6 May 1980
Where There's a Will
Glover does not take kindly to eccentric new patient Joe Perkins - with his invisible dog - due to his lack of hygiene and use of Glover's drinking tumbler for his false teeth. However when he discovers that Joe's tin box contains a fortune and the man is considering changing his will Glover - and Norman - both fawn on him to get into his good books. In the event the heir turns out to be Figgis, who is uncharacteristically noble in refusing the legacy and preventing Joe from being sectioned.
13 May 1980
It Can Damage Your Health
Norman has recently taken up smoking but long term smokers Glover and Figgis are feeling the ill effects of the habit and try, respectively, a pipe and yoga to help quit - but in vain. Glover goes for a job interview but, off the cigarettes, he is a bag of nerves and fails. Figgis carries on secretly smoking behind the others' backs, leading to Dr Thorpe getting a nasty surprise in the gents' toilets.
20 May 1980
The Cosmic Influence
When Figgis becomes obsessed with horoscopes in magazines and believes their predictions the others are sceptical - until Norman continually beats Glover at cards. However, Figgis becomes so preoccupied with astrological predictions he is convinced he is going to die - forcing Dr Thorpe to beat him at his own game to cure him of his obsession - though Glover's change of luck at cards also plays a part.
27 May 1980
The Visitors
Norman's overbearing, hypochondriac mother comes to visit and he is initially scared to tell her he is romancing nurse Jenny. Norman's cowardice gives Glover the opportunity to try and make a move but Figgis puts him off with lies about Jenny and the young couple eventually stand up to Mrs Binns. Figgis meanwhile shares a passionate embrace with a visitor who is not his wife - and is also unaware that he has one. Thanks to a misplaced gesture by Norman, though, she will shortly come face to face with her.
3 Jun. 1980
The Lost Sheep
When the hospital vicar comes to discuss Norman's wedding agnostic Figgis gets into a religious argument but ultimately fears for his soul because he has not been christened and so he agrees to go ahead with the ceremony. This turns him into a zealous religious missionary - until he hears a confession from Glover, which drastically alters his charitable outlook.
10 Jun. 1980
Last Tango
Feeling wistful that they were unable to attend the staff dance with its majority of females, the patients decide to make their own alcohol and have a party of their own, inviting Nurse Eileen. Needless to say Figgis and Glover - and Dr Thorpe - vie with each other to impress her with their dance moves whilst Norman merely gets drunk and the whole thing is ended with the arrival of Matron, who has escaped from Gupte's passionate declarations.

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