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  • Annette was NOT raped by Joey. Despite being under the influence of drugs, she willingly got into the backseat with him and never actually told him to stop (Joey stopped on his own freewill or I guess after he climaxed). Since Joey is not a mind reader, he had no way of knowing that Annette didn't want to have sex anymore. However, she was raped by Double J, because she clearly told him "she didn't want to do this" and was showing clear signs of resistance. Edit

  • It is never directly stated however there are several possibilities: (1) Bobby was so completely overwhelmed with his personal problems (Pauline being pregnant, his friends not respecting him, etc.) that he started acting recklessly as a cry for help or to get attention, however he lost his footing and fell to his death; (2) Bobby acted recklessly so that he could get Tony's attention, then when Tony did not have an answer for why he "never called him" he fully realized that his friends had no interest in helping him with his issues that he decided to jump; or (3) Bobby was deeply troubled and made up Pauline as a way to get attention. When he realized his friends didn't seem to care that his "girlfriend" was pregnant he decided to act recklessly on the bridge knowing full well he would probably slip and fall to his death. Edit

  • Due to its big success in the USA, a much more defused version of the movie was produced there in order to reach a wider audience with a lower age rating. The R-rated original version was in the cinemas in 1977, just one year later the new PG-rated version was highly advertised for. Censored were - who would have thought so - scenes depicting violence and sex as well as a lot of dialogues which refer to one of these topics and which are full of all kinds of swearwords. For the rough language is always present during the whole movie, there had to be altered a lot, which resulted in over 100 changes due to censoring. Edit

  • When Stephanie was first hired at her job she was incompetent and didn't know what she was doing and the only reason she got as far as she did was because that guy helped her in exchange for sexual favors (it is also very likely that is the only reason she got the job in the first place). This completely contradicts the way she had presented herself previously in the movie, she constantly belittled Tony and made herself seems like a much better person than he was when in reality she was battling some insecurities as she was simply the office skank. This goes into the theme of the film that people use each other and often dump on people who are easy targets (that guy used Stephanie and took advantage of her so Stephanie felt she had to put Tony down so that she could feel good about herself). Edit

  • Earlier in the movie Tony and Annette were having sex however when Tony found out that Annette wasn't on birth control he pulled out before he could orgasm (it is highly possible that Annette was trying to get herself pregnant in the hopes that Tony would marry her). When Annette caught up with Tony later she showed him condoms as a way of saying that she just wanted to have sex with him even if there was no way it would result in a pregnancy. Tony however rejected her (his actual response was "oh Jesus") as he did not want the same thing that happened to Stephanie to happen to Annette (ie. becoming the group slut). This is later confirmed after the dance contest when a very stoned Annette announces that she is going to put out for the entire group (as a way to make Tony jealous and come back to her) and Tony tries to lead her away. Edit

  • 1) It means that Tony no longer needs to support his family which means that he is fully justified at the end of the film to move out and try to find a better life for himself. It removes the idea that Tony is abandoning his family without any sources of income.

    2) During that scene Tony's father attempts to convince Tony that he still needed to work at the paint store so that the family could start building a savings account. This further establishes that Tony's parents were using him for money and didn't respect him as they were frequently verbally/emotionally abusive to him. The fact that Tony's face is covered with cuts and bruises during this scene and his parents don't even seem the least bit concerned adds to the idea that they were using him the entire time for money and didn't really care about him. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • This has often confused viewers who saw either the TV version or the PG version which shows the group driving to the bridge while Joey and Annette are in the back of the car and Annette seems to be enjoying herself and then it immediately cuts to the group getting out of the car at the bridge and Annette is in tears which doesn't make any sense. This is due to a very infamous scene being cut which is only available in the R-rated version where Annette while having sex with Joey comes off of her drugs and realizes that she's made a terrible mistake. Bobby then stops the car so that Joey and Double J can trade places and Double J then rapes Annette as she is now in tears and tells him that she "doesn't want to do this". This scene also explains why it is Double J and not Joey getting out of the backseat when they stop at the bridge Edit

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