Saturday Night Fever (1977) Poster

Paul Pape: Double J.



  • Double J. : [to a girl he just got done having sex with]  What did you say your name was?

  • Double J. : [after Bobby falls into the water]  "Anda Santani" Italian for "You go to the saints"

  • Detective : [after Bobby fell to his death off the Verrazano Narrows Bridge]  You guys think maybe he killed himself?

    Joey : No.

    Double J. : No man.

    Tony Manero : [after a brief pause]  There's ways to killing yourself without killing yourself.

    Detective : Alright, you guys can go.

    Joey : [as Double J, Joey, and Annette go back to the car, Tony thinks for a bit and walks right by them]  Ton? Hey, Tony?

    [He doesn't respond and keeps on walking] 

  • Joey : [after he says he wasn't sure it was the gang they beat up on his behalf]  Hey, what are you talking about? You said it was.

    Gus : No. I said it *probably* was.

    Tony Manero : Don't be pulling our legs now...

    Double J. : Wait a minute. Wait.

    [They quiet down a bit] 

    Double J. : You said it probably was...

    Joey : That's right! That's what you told us!

    Gus : I said probably 'cause I wasn't sure, you know. I mean it could've been the Spanish...

    Bobby C. : [Punches the metal cabinet on the wall]  You stupid fuckin' bastard! We almost got our heads busted in!

    Double J. : [Turns on Bobby]  Oh yeah? Not you, lover.

    [Exposing him as the one who didn't fight] 

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