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Season 4

22 Sep. 1980
With the staff short-handed, Lou decides to work the night shift.
29 Sep. 1980
When the paper decides to do a story on sexual harassment in the workplace, Billie finds that harassment is prevalent at the Tribune. A new female reporter develops a romantic interest in Lou, which creates a conflict of interest.
27 Oct. 1980
Billie is given a tough time when she tours with a political candidate to conduct an investigation.
17 Nov. 1980
Charlie and Lou do some thorough investigating when Charlie's new tenant seems to be using his house for suspicious purposes.
24 Nov. 1980
Charlie and Mrs. Pynchon are worried about misrepresentation when Billie poses as a employee at a chemical company to expose their dumping of hazardous materials.
8 Dec. 1980
Lou gets into hot water when the paper is sued for libel after writing a scathing story on a supermarket tabloid.
15 Dec. 1980
Rossi and a fellow black reporter clash when they are assigned to investigate the controversial police killing of a drug dealer who had earlier killed a cop.
5 Jan. 1981
Billie is assigned to do a story on a controversial business venture which may throw tenants out of the their apartments. However, she soon becomes biased after she meets and falls in love with one of the investors, baseball player Ted McCovey. Computer problems plague the office staff.
12 Jan. 1981
Lou and Rossi try to offer comfort to a staff reporter who returns to work the day after she is robbed and raped.
19 Jan. 1981
When Rossi and Billie come upon the hot story of illegally exported medical supplies, Lou holds off on publication due to the lack of tenable facts. However, a visiting reporter disagrees with Lou and has no reservations about exposing the story.
26 Jan. 1981
Charlie allows his father to move in after he is arrested for shoplifting. Lou tries to help an elderly neighbor who is being harassed by neighborhood kids.
9 Feb. 1981
Lou fears a possible letdown when the staff use their connections to try to help a reporter find her biological parents. A glowing review on Lou's favorite restaurant makes it harder for him to get a table.
16 Feb. 1981
When the Tribune is hit by a worker's strike, Lou sides with management but is sympathetic toward the union.
23 Feb. 1981
When Lou and Rossi investigate a secret society of survivalists, who believe that the world is going to end, they become stranded in a violent storm.
9 Mar. 1981
Animal becomes obsessed with finding out why a pretty young woman with a bright future would commit suicide. Someone tries to extort money from the paper by threatening to publish the newspaper's salary list.
16 Mar. 1981
Rossi is asked to cover a migrant workers strike in California's Central Valley and gets so involved he ends up in jail wit them. The fight between the two faction leaders becomes personal as more Tribune reporters gather at the location.
23 Mar. 1981
Rossi publishes a highly critical story on a controversial company that seems to have a lot to hide.
6 Apr. 1981
Rossi does a story on a controversial football player whose brutal hit left an opposing player paralyzed. Lou starts a relationship with a film critic.
13 Apr. 1981
When a veteran reporter attempts suicide, Lou tries to help him by reuniting him with his family. Charlie is upset that Mrs. Pynchon overlooked him for a newly created position.
4 May 1981
Mrs. Pynchon is on the verse of buying 'Lively Arts' magazine when she suffers a stroke. Her nephew Fred Hill swiftly makes a grab for the Tribune's ownership. Lou chooses Billie over all the male reporters to cover college girls posing for 'Suave Magazine'.

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