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28 Jan. 2003
Togger and Andy get a lift to their new school from Uncle Peter, Jeremy is an immediate target for bully Mooey Humphries and Tanya's lip ring doesn't go unnoticed by Miss Dyson.
30 Jan. 2003
Anika's Toyboy
Leah and Shannon sign up to women's soccer, Maddie gets fed up with Baz's secretive home life, Abel "borrows" Jeremy's football boots, and Amy gets angry about the Art Department's lack of resources.
4 Feb. 2003
Baz hurts his leg jumping out of the upstairs window at home, Emma is determined to be Tanya's best mate, and Mr. Robson announces plans to raise £50,000 for new technology.
6 Feb. 2003
Lady Macbeth & Ellen Macarthur
Togger is determined that he and Abel have an unscheduled swim in the pool, but someone (or something!) takes Abel's clothes.
11 Feb. 2003
Underpants & Photographs
Tanya is determined to wear makeup for the school photo, Martin, Josh and Anika put together their own websites, and Shannon injures Ian Hudson in football practice.
13 Feb. 2003
Pitches & Poltergeists
The class of 7D do some ghost hunting, Mr. Robson reveals plans to sell off some of the playing fields, and Baz returns to school on crutches.
18 Feb. 2003
Pancake Day
Annie takes the blame for a missing costume and Class 7d's lesson in pancake making leads to a messy food fight.
20 Feb. 2003
Mr Malachay & Leah's Mum
At Parents' Evening, Mr. Wainwright impresses Mr. Malachay, Togger finds signs of habitation in the damaged building, Josh makes a fool of himself and Leah finds her mother is dating Mr. Malachay.
25 Feb. 2003
Josh Beckham
Josh's Beckham hairstyle attracts ridicule, the rumour of Leah and Mr. Malachay spreads, and Togger and the other Year 7's use CCTV to catch a glimpse of the mysterious squatter.
27 Feb. 2003
Leah's Last
Year Seven get to know the hidden boy, Josh finally asks out Anika, and as the term ends, Leah decides to leave school for good.
4 Mar. 2003
The Journal
Emma succeeds in driving Tanya and Annie apart, Tranter falls sick, and Shannon shows interest in a new face in the Sixth Form.
6 Mar. 2003
Shannon & Kathy's Crushes
When Mr. Wainwright strikes Annie, Baz is determined that his father will get back on his medication, Abel gets literally plastered, and Tranter is found unconscious outside school.
11 Mar. 2003
Writing On The Wall
The latest Underpants Dare involves the Head's bow-tie wearing skeleton, Amy falls out with Anika, and Tranter gets a visit in hospital.
13 Mar. 2003
School Rules
Tanya starts to follow the school rules literally, love bells ring for Martin - well, the fire alarm bells anyway, and Baz is beaten up by his father.
18 Mar. 2003
Madonna & Baz Split#15/No Malarkey
Tanya takes on the next Underpants Dare, Mel takes Shannon's place as soccer forward, and Amy is stressed at finding History too hard, desperately missing the support of her mother.
20 Mar. 2003
Pants Pie
In Food Technology Tanya's apple pie is literally pants, Baz tries to win Maddie back, and both Shannon and Anika audition for the part of Juliet.
25 Mar. 2003
Not Foossed
Amy panics at her examination, Baz uses a psychological ploy to win Maddie back, and Abel employs a Trojan Horse approach to get the Sacred Undies.
27 Mar. 2003
Romeo, Juliet & Coach Trip
Tranter has an ulterior purpose in joining Year 7 on their trip to Chester, the Women's football team have a disastrous away fixture, and Anika and Nick rehearse for the school play.
1 May 2003
Baz's Mad Dad
Maddie has an uncomfortable time alone with Baz's father, Shannon learns the truth about Nick and Mel, while Josh and Martin's Staff Room web cam gets discovered.
3 Apr. 2003
Baz Coma/Sports Day
An eventful Sports Day takes place - can Hudson's team beat the staff? Jeremy stands up to Mooey, Martin kisses Kathy, Josh meets his admirer, and Mr. Robson becomes a father.

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