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Season 6

10 Oct. 1982
Meet the New Guy
Ponch has to break in a new rookie partner, while searching for a runaway girl and her newborn baby.
17 Oct. 1982
Tight Fit
Poncherello works part-time as a model and discovers an underlying crime. Nelson hijacks an LAPD diamond theft case.
24 Oct. 1982
The Spaceman Made Me Do It
While on night patrol, Bobby and Ponch answer a call to a jewelry store and find a preteen girl who claims an alien told her to commit the robbery.
31 Oct. 1982
Rock Devil Rock
Ponch and Bobby are hired to protect Moloch, a Goth rock star. Moloch later tells them that he fears that he is cursed and that he's going to die.
7 Nov. 1982
Speedway Fever
While Bobby and Ponch chase after a gang of high-speed motorcycle bandits, a young cadet at the CHP academy chooses between his career and his family.
21 Nov. 1982
Something Special
A man who worked in an auto plant but was laid off when imported cars were preferred takes his frustrations out on all imported cars. Ponch has been working at the Special Olympics and the boy he's working with is sad that his father doesn't seem to show any interest. So Ponch goes to see him and when he says something hurtful, his son runs away. And a friend of Bobby's who's a motorcycle daredevil is about to try and dangerous stunt.
28 Nov. 1982
This Year's Riot
While on temporary duty, Ponch and Bobby search all around the city for a notorious drug dealer and try to resolve a dispute concerning a nude beach.
5 Dec. 1982
Head Over Heels
Poncherello meets a teacher and falls in love. Thieves are targeting wealthy drivers and robbing them on the highway. Grossman is taking guitar lessons.
12 Dec. 1982
Return to Death's Door
Ponch tries to persuade a young drag racer, the brother of a friend killed in a race, to leave the sport.
19 Dec. 1982
The CHPs have to deal with protesters at a nuclear plant only to find out that Sgt. Getraer has a daughter that's among the group that could face arrest.
2 Jan. 1983
Day of the Robot
A robot is visiting the CHP to show that it could be helpful to their work and so far it does, but for some reason every time it goes near something electrical, it shorts out. Ponch is dealing with a couple of girls who go around on bikes and pursue anyone who is speeding. He suspects that one of them has a personal reason for what she is doing.
9 Jan. 1983
Hot Date
Ponch goes home to meet his girlfriend. But when he gets there, two men grab him and hold him at gun point. One of the men is someone he and Bobby busted now he wants to get back at both of them. So he tells Ponch to call Bobby to come over but Ponch refuses until his girlfriend arrives.
16 Jan. 1983
High Times
While trying to find some car thieves, the team gets a lead that takes them to a local high school. Ponch knows the shop teacher at the school, a car thief, whom he busted and who's on parole. Ponch goes to see him and asks him to keep his eyes open but the guy thinks that Ponch is singling him out. They send Bruce to the school, undercover and gets close to a girl who knows the ones they're looking for.
23 Jan. 1983
Country Action
Ponch takes care of an orangutan after its owner is hurt in a car accident.
6 Feb. 1983
Journey to a Spacecraft
Ponch befriends a young aerospace enthusiast who has a life threatening liver disease and who embarks on a dangerous journey to meet his astronaut hero.
20 Feb. 1983
Fox Trap
Ponch and Bobby set out to bring in an unscrupulous concert promoter who is trying to take advantage of a trio of female rock musicians.
27 Feb. 1983
Brat Patrol
After Ponch is injured in a car chase, he is assigned to the Brat Patrol, an individualistic group of rag-tag kids who don't know what it means to be a team. Cadet Nelson and Officer Linahan investigate dope dealers in a neighborhood.
6 Mar. 1983
In order to find the source of stolen explosives, Ponch and Bobby go undercover as members of a motorcycle gang. Meanwhile, Bruce dates a female motor biker.
13 Mar. 1983
Fun House
Ponch and Bobby set out to clear a fraternity house that is being blamed for thefts on campus.
20 Mar. 1983
Fast Company
A sheriff attempts to stop Bruce and Ponch from escorting two murder witnesses out of town.
10 Apr. 1983
Things That Go Creep in the Night
An investigation into an amnesiac's past is enlivened by spooky dealings at the home of an eccentric comic-book creator.
1 May 1983
Return of the Brat Patrol
Ponch teaches the explorer scouts the value of teamwork during a basketball game against their rivals. Meanwhile, a junior high shakedown ring is infiltrated.

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