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2 Jan. 1983
Pride and Privacy: Part 3
Unable to cope with the pandemonium at her house, Ann takes refuge at Sam's place, until he offers her a solution for which she's completely unprepared.
23 Jan. 1983
The Cruise
A shipboard romance for Grandma Romano has her planning to marry the lounge piano player.
30 Jan. 1983
Spare the Child
Alex's video game mania may be a symptom of a deeper problem.
13 Feb. 1983
The Hero
Saving a man's life gets Schneider a cushy executive job with very little to do.
20 Feb. 1983
The Good Life
Sam offers Ann paradise on a Pacific island if she'll leave everything in Indianapolis.
6 Mar. 1983
Social Insecurity
Determined not to be a burden on anyone, Grandma Romano keeps her escalating financial problems from Ann.
7 Mar. 1983
A Young Man's Fancy
Approaching his 15th birthday, Alex anticipates his first female encounter. But when he strikes out with the school's "girl most likely to," he makes a play for an older woman.
14 Mar. 1983
The Letter
A letter to Ann's mother from her father, mailed the day before he died, is delivered four years later.
21 Mar. 1983
Buyer's Remorse
Barbara's old boyfriend Bob reveals he still has feelings for her.
28 Mar. 1983
Sonny Boy
A weekend outing with a girl from school is more attractive to Alex than the father-son night he agreed to attend at Schneider's lodge.
2 May 1983
Ann has been expecting a visit from a top Sicilian designer, named Guido Panzini, who bears a striking resemblance to Schneider. When he arrives, he and Francine immediately hit it off and start seeing each other. This puts a kink in Schneider's plans of romancing Francine.
9 May 1983
Mark and Max rent a house without consulting their wives.
16 May 1983
Second Time Around
Ann picks up the morning newspaper and is in for a shock: Sam has set a wedding date for the two of them, and he hasn't even proposed yet. It seems the two are to get married in three days, but Ann is overcome with a case of premarital jitters, though they aren't as bad as the jitters that Sam has, causing him to phone a radio talk show for advice.
23 May 1983
Honeymoon II
Ann and Sam leave for their honeymoon and arrive at their destination, a ski lodge. Things immediately get off on the wrong foot as the airline loses Ann's luggage, but things get even worse when Sam injures his back on a ski lift, which lands him in bed for most of the honeymoon.
2 Oct. 1983
Sam and Ann are adjusting to married life, and find they disagree on monumental issues, such as where the spoons should be kept.
16 Oct. 1983
Take My Ex
Sam is pampering his ex-wife a bit too much for Ann's tastes.
23 Oct. 1983
The Dentist
The opening of his new dental office gives Mark such a case of the jitters that he may give up his practice before the first patient walks through the door.
30 Oct. 1983
The Bedtime Story
A plan to collaborate on the writing of children's stories drives Julie and Max into a bitter feud over Max's potential as a writer.
6 Nov. 1983
Worried Heart
With Sam off on a business trip with an ex-girl friend, Ann's imagination gets the better of her.
4 Dec. 1983
Baby Love: Part 1
A weekend watching little Annie for Max and Julie has Barbara longing to have her own baby, and she begins considering the option of adoption.
4 Dec. 1983
Baby Love: Part 2
Barbara, still wanting to have a child, continues to consider adoption.
18 Dec. 1983
Travel Agent
While on a trip Barbara finds herself a new job.
25 Dec. 1983
Not a Creature Was Staying
Ann has the holiday blues, believing she and Sam will be alone on Christmas, but Sam plans to surprise her with a Caribbean cruise.

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