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Season 7

11 Oct. 1981
Alex Moves In
Following Nick's death in a car accident with a drunk driver, Alex runs away from his new home in Chicago by hopping on a bus to Indianapolis with a plan to talk Ann and Barbara into letting him move in with them.
18 Oct. 1981
While waiting for Ann at the airport, Schneider, Barbara and Alex all have run-ins with the opposite sex.
25 Oct. 1981
Shake Hands
Ann's business is in trouble and Francine Webber offers to be her partner. Ann is skeptical until she works her magic with a client.
8 Nov. 1981
Julie Shows Up: Part 1
Barbara and Ann return home one evening to discover they have an unexpected house guest, Julie. It seems Julie has left Max due to severe marital problems. She thinks he's having an affair and confides in Ann and Barbara that she indeed has cheated on Max. Max soon arrives after a phone call from Ann, and is in for a shock as Julie plans to drop her bombshell on him.
15 Nov. 1981
Julie Shows Up: Part 2
Julie shows up on Ann's doorstep announcing that not only is she leaving Max, but that she's pregnant.
29 Nov. 1981
Dinner at Seven: Part 1
Barbara schedules back to back dates with two guys, but the first won't take her home.
6 Dec. 1981
Dinner at Seven: Part 2
Barbara hatches a plan to repay Mark for their disastrous first date.
20 Dec. 1981
Plain Favorite
Ann's cousin Sophie stops in Indianapolis for a visit. She quickly hits it off with Schneider. However, Schneider is later caught in a quandary. Should he take Maxine, a girl who he considers flashy and attractive, or Sophie, who he considers rather plain and mousy?
27 Dec. 1981
Alex's First Love
Alex has a date and Ann's overprotective instincts return.
3 Jan. 1982
Not So Silent Partner
Turned down for a loan from a bank,Ann and Francine receive the money from,of all people,Schnieder,who vows to be only a silent partner. Question is,can he stop talking and butting in long enough to do so?
17 Jan. 1982
Gift Horses
While Ann is off on a business trip Barbara is left between two competing grandmothers.
24 Jan. 1982
Stick 'em Up
A planned a birthday party at Barbara's job goes awry when,as she arrives,there's a hold up attempt. Resulting in her and her family/friends getting locked up in the storeroom by the crooks.
31 Jan. 1982
Ann's Failure
Ann's natural but deep seeded worries about getting older,surface as Barbara has now become engaged to marry Mark Royer...and how will Ann deal with it all as time goes by?
7 Feb. 1982
Grandma's Nest Egg
Grandma Romano is having a hot relationship with Francine's father.
21 Feb. 1982
Barbara's Crisis
After a visit to her her gynecologist, Barbara has heartbreaking news to break to Ann and Mark; it seems that she may not be able to conceive a child.
7 Mar. 1982
Mrs. O'Leary's Kid
Alex knows he doesn't deserve the accolades for saving some people from a fire because he caused it.
14 Mar. 1982
Diamonds Are Forever
The men go fishing and the women await their return, but all have one thing in common: they're talking about marriage.
21 Mar. 1982
The Defector
During a visit to Ann's apartment by the Russian women's basketball team, one member falls for Schneider and decides to defect.
28 Mar. 1982
Meow, Meow
Ann and Francine battle over the same man.
4 Apr. 1982
Alex gets Max to coach his baseball team. Trouble arises when Max won't let Alex play.
11 Apr. 1982
Vegas: Part 1
At a dentistry convention in Las Vegas, Barbara and Mark consider avoiding the hassle of wedding arrangements with a quickie Vegas marriage ceremony.
18 Apr. 1982
Vegas: Part 2
The family rushes off to Las Vegas to talk Barbara out of a quickie marriage ceremony.
2 May 1982
Orville and Emily
Another opening, another show for the retirement home.
9 May 1982
Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
It's coming through loud and clear, Schneider's going deaf.
16 May 1982
It's in the Cards
Grandma Romano tries her hand at a new career: fortune-telling.

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