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Season 6

9 Nov. 1980
Teacher's Pet
Barbara's hard work at college doesn't seem to be paying off until her professor makes some inappropriate advances.
16 Nov. 1980
The Amarillo Connection
After winning an important account and a victory over Francine, Ann finds that she will have to move to Texas.
23 Nov. 1980
Ann Meets Nick: Part 1
Ann meets an artist that she finds very obnoxious and intimidating.
30 Nov. 1980
Ann Meets Nick: Part 2
Ann and Nick do so well on their first campaign that he wants to form a partnership with her.
7 Dec. 1980
Farewell, My Suite
Ann and Barbara have been robbed and apparently with Schneider's help.
14 Dec. 1980
The Merry Widow
Ann's Mother Katherine is chronically depressed after the passing away her husband who was also Ann's father. Schneider however takes her out on the town and it cheers her up. Or is it too much cheer for Ann to tolerate from her so soon?
21 Dec. 1980
The Drop Out
Searching for a college major has brought Barbara to a dead end and she decides to take time out from school.
4 Jan. 1981
A Shot in the Dark
Former tenants Dave and Joanne Wood,who knew him well,ask an unusual request of Dwayne F. Schneider. As they're unable to conceive a baby,would he be a donor and help through means of artificial insemination?
11 Jan. 1981
Sunday Father
Since his dad married Ann and is also always busy,Alex feels Nick doesn't spend enough time with him regularly. Nick always plans a "special father/son weekend" for them but Alex tells him he's opting out of it. Much to Nick's surprise.
18 Jan. 1981
November Song: Part 1
Schneider falls for a younger woman who also wants her freedom.
18 Jan. 1981
November Song: Part 2
Schneider is jealous over his new younger girlfriend.
1 Feb. 1981
Five Fingered Discount
Who would think that Grandma Romano would be arrested for shoplifting?
15 Feb. 1981
I Do, I Do
Barbara takes up political activism in the form of a man who is about to be deported to a country who wants to execute him.
22 Feb. 1981
A Tiny Romance
Ann is convinced that her constant bickering with business partner Nick is related to sexual tension.
8 Mar. 1981
Out of Bounds
Beerbelly's wife, dissatisfied with her marriage, makes a play for Schneider.
15 Mar. 1981
Once a Mom
Ann's come down with influenza and now her meddling mother wants to play nurse-maid as if Ann's still her baby girl.
5 Apr. 1981
Alex's Project
Alex's father Nick feels his son is not giving 100% to his school work,most notably his current science class project. Can he and Ann find out why he's in academic apathy?
5 Apr. 1981
Caveat Emptor
Ann's and Nick's new account were in fruition until they found out the merchant is involved in a bait-and-switch scheme.
19 Apr. 1981
Small Wonder II
The child prodigy who once tutored Barbara is now her boss.
3 May 1981
Wicked Ann
Alex feels that Ann is keeping his mother and father from getting back together.
10 May 1981
Indianapolis Story
Nick and Ann are finally alone together until Ann's old boyfriend David shows up unannounced.

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