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Season 4

18 Sep. 1978
Father, Dear Father: Part 1
Ann's ex-husband tells her that he can no longer afford to pay child support. His current wife is too high maintenance.
25 Sep. 1978
Father, Dear Father: Part 2
Ann and family learn why Ed is so broke.
2 Oct. 1978
Ann's Friend
Ann has to deal with the breakup of a friend's marriage.
16 Oct. 1978
Bob's New Girl
Bob finds another girl after failing to win Barbara away from Cliff and she isn't happy with his new girlfriend.
23 Oct. 1978
Schneider's Helper
When Schneider hurts his back, Barbara gets him to hire a disabled friend who is put to the test during a gas leak.
6 Nov. 1978
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
A old friend of Barbara's shows up with a baby and Barbara's boyfriend Cliff is the father.
13 Nov. 1978
The Dating Game
When Ann calls a business associate that she is interested in, he thinks the dinner is just business.
20 Nov. 1978
Peabody's War
An elderly resident who refuses to pay higher rent locks himself in the Romano's apartment with a gun and will not release them until he can be on television and explain his case.
27 Nov. 1978
Jealousy: Part 1
Julie and Barbara are competing for the affections of the same band musician.
4 Dec. 1978
Jealousy: Part 2
The battle for the band leader Doug continues as Barbara tries to win him back from Julie.
11 Dec. 1978
The Arab Connection
Ann is conducting business with an Arab sheik just as Julie is protesting against his country.
18 Dec. 1978
Hold the Mustard
Barbara's new restaurant job is moving faster than expected.
25 Dec. 1978
Girl Talk
Ann, Julie and Barbara are trapped in a cabin on Christmas Eve and have a heart to heart.
17 Jan. 1979
The Married Man: Part 1
Ann has a relationship with a married sportswriter.
17 Jan. 1979
The Married Man: Part 2
Ann has a relationship with a married sportswriter.
24 Jan. 1979
The Married Man: Part 3
Ann has a relationship with a married sportswriter.
31 Jan. 1979
Going Nowhere
Depression hits poor Julie as her career in fashion is going nowhere.
7 Feb. 1979
Francine Strikes Again
One of Ann's business accounts is stolen by Francine.
14 Feb. 1979
The Dental Hygienist
Immediately after Schneider meets an old friend of Ann Romano's, they are off on a cruise together.
21 Feb. 1979
The Piano Teacher
A baby grand piano is mistakenly delivered to Ann's apartment and the real owner ends up giving lessons in her living room.
28 Feb. 1979
The Broken Nose
When Schneider accidentally breaks Barbara's nose, she learns a lesson about life, beauty and herself.
7 Mar. 1979
Mad for Each Other
Julie gets together with a film maker who's personality matches hers.
18 Mar. 1979
The Graduation
A conflict arises as to how Barbara should celebrate her graduation.
25 Mar. 1979
Fear of Success
A lucrative offer to direct public relations for a computer firm prompts Ann to give Mr. Davenport two weeks' notice.
8 Apr. 1979
Grandma Leaves Grandpa
Grandma Romano shows up at their door saying that she has left Ann's father and that she would like to live with them.
15 Apr. 1979
Schneider Gets Fired
Schneider loses his job over a pay dispute.

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