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Season 1

8 May 1974
Lucas Tanner
After a student's death, rumors spread that it was caused by the negligence of one particular teacher.
9 Oct. 1974
Winners and Losers
Coach Ed Scoley believes in fitness so decides it would be better if the less athletic inclined have their own class. Lucas believes that would ostracise the students to separate them and takes issue with Scoley's decision.
20 Nov. 1974
Look the Other Way
Kathy returns to school after running away from home and being away for a awhile. She must face some wild rumors and perhaps some truths about her time on the streets.
4 Dec. 1974
Ron Gibbons is one of Lucas Tanner's students and it becomes clear that the young man has a drinking problem. Even though he has offers of help Ron resists any efforts at treatment.
25 Dec. 1974
Merry Gentlemen
Lucas is battling the grief he feels as the anniversary of his wife and son's death approaches. A chance encounter with his former father-in-law resurrects past issues forcing Tanner to deal with them over Christmas.
8 Jan. 1975
Bonus Baby
Steve, a gifted athlete, receives an offer to turn professional that would aid his family financially. He bombarded with advice on what to do and turns to Lucas Tanner to help him make the right decision.
22 Jan. 1975
Those Who Cannot, Teach
Free spirited art student Rod Jernigan clashes often with unhappy by the book instructor Bert Nevins. When one of their disagreements turns physical Tanner is brought in to find out what actually happened.
29 Jan. 1975
What's Wrong with Bobbie?
Lucas meets Bobbie, a black youth eager for the education he can get at Truman H.S. Tanner encourages him but Bobbie's older brother Spence is adamantly opposed. He believes his sibling should stay in their neighborhood..
5 Feb. 1975
The Haileys are a devoted family but the parents tragically die in a car accident. The authorities decide it's best if the four children are split but Lucas Tanner fights for the siblings to stay together as they wish to be.
19 Feb. 1975
A teacher becomes suicidal following an affair with a student.

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