Good Times (TV Series 1974–1979) Poster


Esther Rolle: Florida Evans



  • Florida : Did you here yourself James, you said "ain't" 3 times in a row.

    James : So.

    Florida : "Ain't" is not a word.

    James : OH yeah... its in the dictionary.

    Florida : No "aint" ain't, but isn't is... look it up.

    James : I cant.

    Florida : Why?

    James : "AINT" got no dictionary.

  • Michael : Daddy friend Monte told him that everything's going to be okay.

    Florida : That's the same Monte who said that Nixon was going to be poor folks best friend.

  • Larry : Someday, I plan to own my own gas station.

    Florida : When is "someday", Larry?

    Larry : In about 10 years, ma'am.

    J.J. : There won't be no gas left by then.

  • Florida : I don't have to ask who hung this picture up here, Michael Evans, but before I hang you in its place, why?

  • Florida Evans : And I must give thanks to the good Lord above for giving us such a beautiful Christmas gift: a loving family and warm friends.

  • Florida : Junior the alarm's set for 6AM.

    JJ : Only ones up at that hour is the garbage men. And the way the streets look, they droppin' it off insteada' pickin' it up!

  • Florida : Where's Thelma?

    JJ : In the bathroom, as usual. She spends more time in there than the tidy bowl man!

  • Florida Evans : [Florida is shocked when she sees the young boy who delivers drugs to people, like J.J's girlfriend]  But James, he's still a baby!

    James : Well, this ain't his talcum powder!

  • Florida : [after discovering J.J's illegal gambling]  J.J, there are two roads out of the ghetto. So far, we've managed to stay on the right road.

    J.J. : That's what's taking us so long to get out of here! Look, Ma, tell me one dude in the projects who's got a future that ain't in the rackets.

    Florida : You, because you just resigned.

    J.J. : Oh, no, Ma. It's MY way out and I'm going to take it.

    Florida : Then you can start by getting out of here.

    J.J. : Oh, come one, Ma...

    [moves forward to hug Florida] 

    Florida : [pulls away and begins gathering his belongings] 

    J.J. : Now, Ma! Let's be reasonable...

    Florida : [shoving his belongings into his hands]  And take these things with you!

    J.J. : Ma, you haven't even...

    Florida : [angrily]  J.J, get the HELL out of my house!

  • J.J. : [J.J. phones home after a police raid on his "friend's" apartment]  Ma? I'm ready to come home.

    Florida : It's your home.

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