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Season 1

29 Sep. 1973
The Framing of Billy the Kid
A football player comes home and finds a man dead and drugs all around. He then runs away and goes to Mike. Mike and Griff agree to help him. They start by finding out who may have had a grudge against him to frame. And among them is the team coach who butts heads with him, a teammate who thinks the guy has a fat head, and the owner whom he was once involved with.
27 Oct. 1973
Marked for Murder
The head of a nation, who is an old friend of Griff's son, who is in town for a meeting asks Griff to help with security when there's a contract on him and there's already been an attempt. When he arrives another attempt is made but he refuses to make any changes to itinerary. So Griff tries to find the assassin. And he continues to make attempts but is elusive.
17 Nov. 1973
Countdown to Terror
A man straps a bomb to himself and takes some people hostage then demands to see Griff. When Griff arrives he tells to find someone and bring him to him. Griff who got his fingerprint learns that the man he is looking for killed his family when he was drunk and driving.
24 Nov. 1973
Elephant in a Cage
A cop who's a friend of Griff's thinks he saw a criminal who's believed to be dead. He brings in a punk he saw the criminal with and asks him what he is doing. Barney pulls him out and tells him that he's out of his mind. When the punk is killed the cop is arrested and he asks Griff to help.
8 Dec. 1973
Her Name Was Nancy
Mike's friend, a former POW, arrives and it's clear that he has mental problems. Griff and Mike doubt his claims that someone is trying to kill him. But an attempt on the Vietnam vet changes their minds and has them trying to stop a murder.

 Season 1 

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