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Season 4

9 Sep. 1975
Lamb to the Slaughter
Officer Danko and his wife are invited to a neighbors traditional Greek Easter dinner. Being tight on cash Danko "borrows" a lamb from a petting zoo in LA and it is used as one of the key ingredients in his neighbors gape leaves dish.
16 Sep. 1975
Reading, Writing and Angel Dust
When a youth leaps to his death, the Rookies enlist the aid of another kid to trace the drug source.
23 Sep. 1975
One-Way Street to Nowhere
A gang of thieves and gun runners take Terry hostage to trade for their hospitalized leader. Mike is seriously wounded during the arrest. The leader attempts to break out. How will Terry survive?
30 Sep. 1975
Someone Who Cares
The Rookies receive poor ratings and their program is threatened with cancellation. Sgt. Ryker orders the Rookies to search Hollywood to find someone who cares.
7 Oct. 1975
Ladies Day
After Jill Danko and one of the doctors from the hospital are taken hostage at the women's prison farm, officers Danko, Webster, Owens, and Sgt. Ryker are called in to diffuse the situation.
14 Oct. 1975
Reign of Terror
Officer Chris is wounded on duty and Hank witnesses it but he is afraid to come forward for fear of harm to either him or his family.
21 Oct. 1975
Death Lady
A female officer is partnered with a male officer who encounter a gang of jewelry store robbers who kill the male officer. The female officer is blamed for the male officer's death and given the nickname Death Lady.
28 Oct. 1975
Measure of Mercy
A child at the hospital where Jill works is in critical condition and is about to be operated on. And they need a lot of blood for the operation. Fortunately there a sufficient supply in the blood bank. Jill is passing by when she's a guy take the blood out of the cooler. Jill asks him what is he doing, he then knocks her out and takes the blood. The guys upon learning what happened tries to find the blood because the child needs. They are told that who stole it plans to sell it. So the press learns about this and announces how much the blood could be worth. So the ...
4 Nov. 1975
A Time to Mourn
Officer's Owens and Danko track down the man who raped Owens's sister. But the tables are turned on Officer Owens when the rapist claims police brutality during his arrest. Meanwhile Kim Owens struggles to cope with her feelings and her faith after the attack.
11 Nov. 1975
The Institutional Man
A repentant ex-con out on parole is tracked down by his former associates to aid in a robbery.
18 Nov. 1975
Invitation to a Rumble
A gang leader from Terry's old neighborhood runs him down in a speeding car. Loyalty within the gang is strained as Terry is still well regarded in the community and none want to see him die or their gang brother jailed.
25 Nov. 1975
Reluctant Hero
A rookie officer (John Ritter) is unsure if he can live up to his father's super cop image. He trips and takes down a world class hired killer leading the assassin to make the rookie his next target.
2 Dec. 1975
Dead Heat
Terry and Chris become locked in the sweltering heat of a local department store over night during a stand off with three armed criminals.
9 Dec. 1975
The Voice of Thunder
Chris and Terry remember seeing the same girl at the scenes of several Sunday bombings terrorizing the city.
16 Dec. 1975
The Code Five Affair
Terry and Chris bust a drug operation, but the drug organization uses an elaborate scheme to get their heroin back, involving a pretty girl to con Chris out of information on a scheduled transfer. The heist is successful and Chris investigates the girl to discover if she was in on it or was also being used.
23 Dec. 1975
Shadow of a Man
A veteran cop whose partner is killed during a robbery attempt steals some of the money to improve his home life.
30 Dec. 1975
Eye for an Eye
Former Vietnam helicoptor pilot Mike Danko is kidnapped by a POW who is focused on revenge.
6 Jan. 1976
Sudden Death
A man, imprisoned for 18 years for a crime he didn't commit, vows revenge on the men who sent him there.
20 Jan. 1976
From Out of the Darkness
There's a robbery and the security guard there is killed. Terry shows up and sees that the man who was killed is the father of the girl he was once involved with. While the robbers are being sought, Terry goes to see the man's daughter. He recalls how he met her. She's blind and a musician. When they were getting serious, her father spoke to him and told Terry that she's never been self reliant and is worried what will happen when he's gone. He tells Terry that she was going to go a school for blind musicians which is wanted to do till she met Terry. So he asks Terry ...
27 Jan. 1976
The Mugging
A trio of junkies mug and brutalize a middle aged woman. As she lingers near death and legal issues keep the criminals on the street, her doctor son spirals into increasing anger.
24 Feb. 1976
Blue Movie, Blue Death
The rookies go undercover to investigate a syndicate backed film company that is responsible for the deaths of some of its actors.
2 Mar. 1976
Deliver Me from Innocence
A 16yr old boy gets involved with a junkie and ends up getting blamed for the addict's crimes.
30 Mar. 1976
Journey to Oblivion
A rich young man murders his bookie with Jill as the only eyewitness. He hires a professional criminal to help him abduct and kill her.

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