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Secret Rendezvous
sol-kay29 June 2004
****SPOILERS**** Six years before she made a big splash on the screen with her famous wet t-shirt scene in the movie "The Deep" in 1977 gorgeous Jackie Bisset showed off her natural and impressive physical attributes in a little known English soap opera-like film called "Secrets". In the film Jackie played a frustrated and ignored young wife who's husband is going through a major career change from being an actor which was going nowhere for him into the new and up and coming and growing world of computer sciences in the early 1970's.

Jenny, Jackie Bisset, going to the laundromat one afternoon with her young daughter Judy, Tarka Kings, takes a walk in the park feeling very depressed over her marriage with her husband Allen,Robert Powell, who's been obsessed studying for a computer aptitude test that he's to take that same afternoon.

In the park Jenny runs into an eccentric textile millionaire Raoul, Per Oscarsson, who Jenny reminds him of his recently deceased wife. Jenny at first rebuffs his advances but she later goes along with him to his mansion where he tells her the story of his wife dying from cancer just after she gave birth to their child.

Then from just what was a friendly talk and get-together Jenny and Raoul get into a torrid and steamy sexual gymnastic affair that rises the theater temperature some 30 degrees. Meanwhile back at the testing site Allan turns on as well as him getting turned on in return by Beatrice, Shirley Knight, who was testing him on his computer skills. Beatrice happily found out that Allan has a much better aptitude in the hot and sizzling science of reproductive biology as well as the technology of DNA splicing then he had in the cold impersonal and unfeeling world of computer engineering.

Even little Judy developed some kind of relationship at the laundromat, while her mother Jenny was out in the park where she met and had an affair with Raoul, with Raymond, Martin C. Thurley. Raymond turns out to be some kind of flower freak who took Judy on his motorbike to his home. It's there where he introduced her into the wonderful world of botany by showing her his greenhouse and even gave her a large potted plant as a gift to take with her back home.

The whole story of "Secrets" takes place on just one afternoon with both Jenny and Allan as well as little Judy back home after adventures in the world of fate and predestination. It seemed that Jenny and Allan knew that each had an affair that day and that those affairs brought them back together, and as the movie ends we see Judy looking lovingly at the potted plant that Raymond gave her.

Intriguing little movie about human relationships in the early 1970's with Miss Bisset's presents in the film making "Secrets" both interesting as well as exciting to watch.
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Boring film, re-cut DVD even worse
Hollywoodshack15 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just wish I had the message boards back to post a comment like this. But about 7 minutes of this movie have been cut on DVD, and shame on them for advertising it has the original running time of 92 minutes. Cut is some dialogue in bed between Jenny and her lover, an eccentric millionaire, plus a scene where she talks to her husband afterwards. Added seems to be more filler footage of the husband taking a computer aptitude test, multiple choices, flashing buttons etc. and a longer version of their little girl flirting with an older boy. I believe the original running time can still be found on a lot of video tapes. Still, the excitement of the affair between the girl and the older man are handled quite well even in the shorter version. It's a shame the husband and his job interviewer (Shirley Knight) have an affair with no intimate scenes included at all.
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Dreary little soap opera
preppy-37 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Jenny (Jacqueline Bisset) and Allan (Robert Powell) are unhappily married. In the course of one afternoon they each have sex with other people--her with Raoul (Per Oscarsson) and him with Beatrice (Shirley Knight). Heck, even their kid Judy (Tarka Kings) has sex with a stranger (Martin C. Thurley)! It ends up with all of them keeping their sex a secret--but it saves their marriage.

The direction, acting, story, cinematography, the entire movie should have been kept a secret too! Boring, slow and utterly predictable soap opera that was barely released in 1971. It was reissued in 1977 when Bisset hit it big (sort of) with "The Deep". All the ads made it clear that she was nude in it but the reviews killed the movie again. This gets a 3 only for Bisset--she is a beautiful woman with a incredible body and she does what little she can to save this. The rest of the cast, composed of very good actors, appeared to be on drugs. This is of interest now only to see Bisset nude. Otherwise you can safely skip this. Someone told me that he saw an interview with Bisset quite a few years ago and she refused to discuss this movie. That should tell you something.
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