Secrets (1971) Poster


Shirley Knight: Beatrice


  • Beatrice : In the building, we have the most powerful computer in the UK. It can perform 3 million additions in a second. When I first came here, I found the whole idea of number-crunching extraordinary. Now it seems quite routine. Do you know in few years time, there could be a file on everyone in the country giving a complete breakdown of their habits, history, political affiliations and financial status et cetera, available nation-wide by computer.

    Allan Wood : Yes, well I'm afraid that I find that rather an imposition. Does it mean we shall also progress to the computer that can give a spontaneous answer to questions?

    Beatrice : That seems unlikely. As you know a computer can only process information that it has been programmed to receive. It isn't a duplication of the human power of imaginative thought.

    Allan Wood : What response does it give to a spontaneous question?

    Beatrice : Can you type?

    Allan Wood : Two fingers.

    Beatrice : That machine is connected to a central processor. Type your question, then press the button marked 'send'.

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