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Sex & Nudity

  • A young girl who says she is 15 gets out of bed after having sex with an older man. Her pubic hair is seen briefly. This scene is only visible in the original theatrical uncut version.
  • A man is having sex with a 13 year old girl when they are interrupted by Billy Jack. When the girl gets out of bed, she holds a sheet in front of her, but as she walks out of the room her buttocks and side breasts are visible. The actress was underaged at the time of filming, but the shot showing nudity was a body double.
  • A woman strips naked (bare buttocks and sides of breasts) and dips into a river. A rape scene, the shot being from the shoulders up.
  • A man takes a knife and cuts a young woman's bra off, revealing most of her breasts.

Violence & Gore

  • A man hits his teenage (she looks about 6-8 weeks) pregnant daughter with a roundhouse fist to the jaw. In the next scene she is shown in hospital with black eyes and facial bruises from the beating.
  • A man attacks three men using hapkido foot and hand strikes, knocking two down and the third through a plate glass window.
  • There is an extended fight scene in which a man is attacked by about a dozen men. He is an accomplished hapkido fighter and holds his own for some time with many hapkido defensive moves and strikes. He knocks down a number of his attackers and smashes one man's face into a masonry railing. He is finally subdued by being hit over the head with a stick of wood and is then held from behind and beaten with fists until bloody and unconscious.
  • A woman is held at gunpoint, tied naked and raped. She screams and struggles during the rape.
  • A man is held by two others and a third holds a short pipe section to his throat while he is verbally abused and threatened. He is then struck in the abdomen with the pipe.
  • Two men chase another man, first in cars, then on foot, and they shoot at each other with rifles. A short time later we see the man's body floating in the lake with a bullet wound in the head and blood in the water. In the next scene his body on a gurney is rolled into an ambulance; the sheet covering his head is very bloody. We are later told he was shot four times in the head.
  • A man advances menacingly toward another man. The first man shoots the attacker in the abdomen but is then disarmed with a hapkido foot strike and then killed with a hand strike to the throat. In a later scene, the abdomen wound has bled through the man's clothing and his jacket has a saucer-sized stain of red blood.
  • A man shoots repeatedly at another man with a pistol, but is then shot in the forehead with a rifle, showing a small spot of blood.
  • There is an extended scene in which a man and a girl are barricaded in a building and a small army of police officers shoot at them while the man shoots back. One policeman is shot, but no blood is seen. Subsequently we learn that the girl has been hit in the leg, and blood is seen on her jeans.


  • Hell, d_m, GD, d_mned, and "f" word.
  • Several bullsh_ts.
  • "Life has been one big sh_t brick"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No alcohol. Several men are shown smoking pipes or cigars. One skit parodies smoking pot, but no drugs are seen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man allows himself to be repeatedly bitten by a rattlesnake in a Native American ceremony.
  • A dominant theme is racial bigotry and hatred directed at Native Americans. Scenes involving racial slurs and heated emotions.
  • The rape scene, is intense.
  • The dead bodies of several recently-shot people are shown.
  • The scene of a man being killed with a hand strike to the throat.

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