Billy Jack (1971) Poster


Stan Rice: Martin


  • Cindy : Hey! Why isnt anybody going in?

    Martin : They're afraid to go in.

    Cindy : Why?

    Martin : Indians aren't allowed in some of the stores here.

    Cindy : What do you mean "not allowed"? I don't see a sign.

    Kit : Indians don't need a sign, they know damn well where they're not wanted.

    Cindy : Then why are you going in?

    Kit : 'Cause I like ice cream.

  • Barbara : How come you never tried to lay me?

    Martin : That's a stupid question.

    Barbara : Don't cover up. Are you afraid of me?

    Martin : No, I'm not afraid of you.

    Barbara : Then what? Wasn't I good enough for you? I heard all Indian boys want to go to bed with white girls.

    Martin : Don't believe *everything* you hear.

    Barbara : I *know* you want to. I can tell. How come you never tried?

    Martin : 'Cause you've always been an anybody's.

    Barbara : What's an anybody's?

    Martin : An anybody's is someone who puts out so she can get dates to be accepted. I want you to experience the fact that I don't love you because you'll give me some sex. I love you for yourself and for what you are. You see, you're a very soft and beautiful person. And I love you very much.

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