The Beguiled (1971) Poster


Jo Ann Harris: Carol



  • Carol : A real bluebelly!

    Doris : There's only one way to tell if he's a Yank.

    Carol : How's that?

    Doris : Take off his pants! Yanks have tails!

  • Carol : [watching Edwina cleaning Cpl. John McBurney's chest - internal voice]  At least it gives her an opportunity to learn what a man's body feels like.

  • Carol : You must be tired, wouldn't you like a chance to go to your closet? I might sponge parts of him you wouldn't.

    Edwina : [slaps Carol]  I knew what you were the minute you came to this school. A hussy is a hussy! You come in here again and you'll find your face in a bucket of water.

  • Cpl. John McBurney : Well, Carol, that's about the nicest introduction I've ever had. And to the prettiest girl. How old are you?

    Carol : Seventeen. I know a lot more than girls my age.

    Cpl. John McBurney : I bet you do!

    Carol : Gotta get back to -


    Carol : Bible readin'.

    Cpl. John McBurney : Say a pray for me, will ya?

    Carol : I would, but, I have no idea what you want.

  • Doris : Well, I think we should refuse to work the garden until Miss Martha stops givin' food to the enemy of the Confederacy.

    Carol : The Bible says, "Love thy enemy."

  • Carol : Games for two are more fun.

  • Carol : You surprise me! Never thought you'd be afraid to kiss a girl.

    Cpl. John McBurney : Well, you see, my mother told me that it might just stunt my growth.

    Carol : Well, maybe your mama was right. You certainly are well developed.

    Cpl. John McBurney : Yeah, I'd have to say the same about you.

    Carol : Well, its not the same. I mean your shoulders and arms seem to be all muscle. I bet there's not a soft spot on you.

  • Carol : I see you can manage stairs. You know, they leave the key in your door. I could slip down and unlock it. You'd find me much more interestin' than Miss Edwina.

    Cpl. John McBurney : You little devil.

  • Carol : What happened - makes no difference to me. I know it won't hinder you - romantically. I'm sure a one-legged man, or even a no-legged man, can enjoy himself - in a way. Same as any man. I'd do anything for you.

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