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15 Sep. 1971
The Berkeley Club Caper
Photographer Shirley Logan arrives in London to begin her assignment at World Illustrated magazine where she goes head to head with the publication's skeptical editor, Dennis Croft. Shirley's first assignment takes her to the Berkeley Club, a time-honored men's-only social club whose blatant sexism leads her to stage a women's revolt through its hallowed halls.
22 Sep. 1971
Thou Shalt Not Be Found Out
Shirley discovers her subject (a famous film star) marriage is in trouble and uses her tricks of the trade to try and fix it.
6 Oct. 1971
The Lovers
Photographing a looming arranged marriage, Shirley finds all is not what it seems.
20 Oct. 1971
The Colonel
A crusty colonel finds he has an unlikely ally in the form of Shirley in his plight to save his local countryside from the construction of an oil refinery.
27 Oct. 1971
To Dream the Improbable Dream
Genius may be under your feet as you step on the fabled remains of a pavement artist's pictures. Masterpieces? Perhaps. But Shirley's efforts to sponsor an eccentric, itinerant painter proves that patronage of the arts has its problems.
10 Nov. 1971
The Reunion
Shirley is in the vicinity of a daring jewel heist and becomes a suspect, but then Inspector Vaughan stumbles across an old adversary from his younger days who was also in the area.
15 Dec. 1971
The Rally
Shirley finds herself in a Ford Escort with Dennis - rally prepared and subject to intense rivalry and competition .
29 Dec. 1971
An eccentric tycoon likes to play out medieval situations in his own castle....however his brother has other ideas.
5 Jan. 1972
Always Leave Them Laughing
Shirley joins the circus and finds herself acting the clown.

 Season 1 

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