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Robert Duvall: THX



  • LUH 3417 : They know. They've been watching us. I can feel it.

    THX 1138 : No one knows.

    LUH 3417 : They're watching us, now.

    THX 1138 : No one can see us.

  • THX 1138 : Who are you?

    SRT : I am a hologram.

  • SRT : [Meeting THX and SEN]  Hello. Uh, where'd you guys come from?

    [THX and SEN don't speak] 

    SRT : Oh well, it doesn't make any difference, I guess.

    [SRT notices SEN's food] 

    SRT : Uh, is that food? I'm starving. Do you mind?

    THX 1138 : How did you get here?

    SRT : I was lost.

    THX 1138 : You're not lost now?

    SRT : [Eating with his mouth full]  Uh-uh.

    SEN 5241 : You know the way out?

    SRT : [Chewing]  Um hmm.


    SRT : That's the way out.

    [He points in the direction from which THX and SEN have just come] 

    SEN 5241 : Well that's the way we just came.

    SRT : Yeah, but maybe you were traveling around in circles see, 'cause that's the way out.

    [SRT points behind them again] 

    THX 1138 : How do you know?

    SRT : [Pointing]  Well look. Look more closely. You see? Come on.

    [SRT walks in the direction he was pointing and the other two follow] 

    SEN 5241 : Oh yeah.


  • THX 1138 : I think I'm dying.

    OMM : Could you be more - specific?

    [THX vomits] 

    OMM : You are a true believer. Blessings of the state. Blessings of the masses...

  • OMM : My time - is yours. Go ahead.

    THX 1138 : What's wrong with me? What am I to her, she to me? Nothing!

    OMM : Yes, fine.

    THX 1138 : Just an ordinary roommate. I share rooms with her. Our relationship is normal. Conforming.

    OMM : Excellent!

    THX 1138 : We share nothing - but space. What is she doing to me?

    OMM : Yes, I understand.

  • THX 1138 : What have you done to LUH? She was here.

    SEN 5241 : We - had a long talk and - she agreed that it would be better for both of you to switch. She seemed to think that you weren't accurately mated with her in the first place. I'll never have another mate like O-N-A. You rate very high in sanitation. I've checked.

    THX 1138 : I don't feel well.

    THX 1138 : [Leaves abruptly] 

    SEN 5241 : We'll be happy!

  • THX 1138 : What's going on?

    SEN 5241 : I want you for my roommate. We'll be very good for one another.

    THX 1138 : I don't understand? Living - Living selection is computed.

    SEN 5241 : I know what you're thinking. Program shifting isn't that major a crime, is it?

    THX 1138 : You're in violation.

  • [hologram plays in background while THX looks for LUH] 

    Hologram : Combined with economic advantages of the mating structure, it far surpasses any disadvantages in increased perversions. A final tran - An infinite translated mathematics of tolerance and charity among artificial memory devices is ultimately binary. Stimulating rhetoric...

    THX 1138 : LUH?

    Hologram : ...absolute. The theater of noise is proof of our potential. The circulation of autotypes. The golden talisman underfoot is phenomenon approaching. And, in the history of now, all ethos are designed.

  • [first lines] 

    Male voice (medicine cabinet) : What's wrong?

    THX 1138 : Nothing. Nothing really. I just feel that I need something stronger.

    Male voice (medicine cabinet) : If you have a problem, don't hesitate to ask for assistance.

    THX 1138 : Yes, thank you, I'll be alright.

    Male voice (medicine cabinet) : Call 3485...

  • THX 1138 : Are you all right? What did they do to you? What? What?

    LUH 3417 : I'm going to have a child. Hold me. Hold me.

  • THX 1138 : I don't understand, what happened to LUH, she was here.

  • THX 1138 : [pretending to be a corpse. Howls with pain and runs off when a tag is clipped to his ear] 

  • THX 1138 : My mate, has been acting very strange. I can't explain it.

    OMM : Yes.

    THX 1138 : I haven't been feeling very well myself.

    OMM : Yes. I understand.

    THX 1138 : I don't know, maybe it's me?

    OMM : Yes, fine.

  • THX 1138 : I feel as if something...

    OMM : Excellent.

    THX 1138 : - odd were happening to me. Something that...

    OMM : Yes?

    THX 1138 : - I can't understand.

    OMM : Could you be more - specific?

    THX 1138 : The sedatives.

  • THX 1138 : It can't go on forever. You know it can't.

    LUH 3417 : We could leave - and live in the Super Structure. You only have one more shift left, don't you?

  • THX 1138 : What are you doing here? You're not cleared for this area.

    SEN 5241 : You know I have a way with computers. I can program myself for any area, almost.

    THX 1138 : I'll report you.

  • THX 1138 : I don't feel well.

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