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  • Chicago Tribune, Tuesday, March 27, 1962, pt. 3, p. 3, c. 1:


    Real Test for Burt---He'll Play Patton

    by Hedda Hopper

    Hollywood, March 26---Burt Lancaster has played every kind of part from Jim Thorpe to Elmer Gantry, but he's got one coming up that would test any actor. Burt will be Gen. George S. Patton, with Richard Brooks directing the story of Patton's life. And Producer Frank McCarthy got his heart's desire. McCarthy, Lancaster, and Brooks are all gutsy guys, and without that quality the picture on Old Blood and Guts couldn't be made. They'll get together on this for Twentieth Century-Fox as soon as Brooks finishes "Lord Jim," which he's now scripting while on a world tour. Edit

  • Chicago American, Tuesday, September 5, 1961:


    20th to Film Patton Saga

    Hollywood, Cal.---The story of Gen. George S. [Blood and Guts] Patton, sought by movie producers for 15 years, at last becomes a reality.

    Twentieth Century-Fox has received a priority from the department of defense and the army to film the story of the general as noted for his temper as for his brilliant military mind.

    Peter Levathes, head of Twentieth, has turned over the production to Gen. Frank McCarthy. Frank was secretary to Gen. George C. Marshall during World War II and made many liaison visits to Patton's headquarters.

    A brigadier general in the army reserve, and also a long time executive at Twentieth, Frank has signed Robert S. Allen to write the screenplay. Allen wrote "Lucky Forward," a story of Patton's drive across Europe. Edit



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