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Someone else's bad memories
jjturley5 October 2004
This story assumes that experimental research has allowed memories to be transferred from one person to another by injection. Though technically science fiction, this story is really another cold war tale at its best. The memories are those of an aged German scientist held captive in the USSR after World War II. Considering that this was made for TV, the production value is high. The acting is also very good, and there are many colorful European locations. The story holds together well, as our hapless young volunteer (who received the injection) discovers more and more about the aged scientist and the kind of life he had. Imbued with wartime memories and secrets, he is pursued by CIA and KGB agents. Made in 1970, it is also dated, which adds to the fun!
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Another David McCallam Movie is Hauser's Memory, made about 1970
lpbreen7 July 2012
I saw this movie a couple of times many years ago, and still remember it as being very different. I would love to see it again. I noticed that it is not listed on David McCallum's filmography in Wikipedia which is surprising... I found David McCallum with dark hair rather unsettling.The story is about a scientist who has his memory transformed when he uses an experimental drug and the consequences of this. Considering that the cast also included Lesley Nielsen and Lilli Palmer, I think it is strange that it has sunk without trace. There are quite a few excellent movies from the 60s and 70s which have been forgotten and when they feature actors and actresses who have gone on to be significant, you would think that they would be worth reviving. I know that the old Man from UNCLE movies have been issued on DVD quite recently so maybe there is hope yet. If you get a chance to see Hauser's Memory and you are interested in the development of serious ideas in science fiction, I recommend you watch it.
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an oddball
patrick.hunter23 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A lively TV movie of 1970, aided by an above-average cast, which includes Leslie Nielson in a dramatic role. At one point, he almost utters a swear word when he says "You b....", then stops himself, to David McCallum. Believe it or not, that was considered strong stuff for television in 1970. It also boasts an interesting, pseudo-sci-fi script by Curt Siodmak, a writer who repeated the basic idea of his own DONOVAN'S BRAIN in many variations.

McCallum plays a scientist on the run, because he's got another mind inside his own, Hauser's memory, in fact. It's a cinch that someone involved with TOTAL RECALL recalled this movie; in that film, the character's memory that he has in his brain is also called Hauser (which was not the name used in Dick's story that TOTAL RECALL was based on). There are other comparisons as well, although TOTAL RECALL is the better film by far. Still, this one has its charms, especially if you like early seventies TV movies.
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Damn did I hate this movie!
thomas196x20006 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this as a kid based on the fact that I really liked the star of the film, and loved the whole sci-fi/spy setting.

This is one of the many TV films that came out that attempted to be topical and have some sort of surprise ending to make up for its dullness. "Dreams of the Very Rich" was another in the line.

It was mediocre and boring. Then I remember the "shock ending". McCallum is holding a gun on the bad guy. The bad guy is able to open up a drawer, take out a heavy bookend (I think it was) and throw it at McCallum, which it hits him in the head and kills him. This is before McCallum can even fire off a shot, or even duck, and it is of course done is slow motion! That's pretty much the end of the film. Yech.
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