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Season 2

21 Apr. 1972
Dreaming of Thee
Providing he behaves. Budgie is due to be released from prison in three weeks' time. It looks as though his luck has changed - but anyone who knows our hero can be certain that 'waiting' will prove a bit of a strain.
28 Apr. 1972
And the Lord Taketh Away
Alive and well, and back home in Watford with his wife Jean, it isn't long before Budgie gets an itch to visit his old Soho haunts. What he finds there is not what he expected.
5 May 1972
Louie the Ring Is Dead and Buried in Kensal Green Cemetery
Old venues, some old faces - and some new. After a surprise meeting with his ex-girlfriend Hazel, Budgie decides it is high time to make some quick money. It isn't long before he's back to his old tricks again.
5 May 1972
The Jump Up Boys
When Budgie dons a white coat and takes a job, his friends are amazed. Could it be that he has started on the straight and narrow at last? Even Charlie Endell shows surprise - but then he's privy to 'secret' information.
19 May 1972
Our Story So Far...
Budgie is on the run again. This time both the police and Charlie Endell are after his blood. It's just a question of who catches him first - and which is the lesser of the two evils.
26 May 1972
Do Me a Favour
When Hazel asks Budgie to take her cousin Herbert on a guided tour of London, she has no idea of the trouble her request will cause - most of it on her own doorstep.
2 Jun. 1972
Glory of Fulham
Our tactless hero does it again. Having arrived home very late one night, to face Hazel's wrath, he compounds the issue by telling her he has a friend waiting outside - one whom he's invited to stay the night.
9 Jun. 1972
Twenty-Four Thousand Ball Point Pens
When he meets Inky Ballantine, and gets involved in a new money-making racket - capital investment- Budgie believes he's struck it rich. He's thought that before - but look where it got him last time.
16 Jun. 1972
King for a Day
When Charlie Endell clothes him in a new suit and makes his 'chief associate', Budgie is confident that Charlie has finally recognised his true potential - but Hazel isn't so sure.
23 Jun. 1972
The Outside Man
When Budgie asks Charlie Endell for a job reference, it appears that the lad has finally taken the decision to go straight. But in Budgie's world, things are seldom what they appear to be.
30 Jun. 1972
The Man Outside
Charlie Endell drives Budgie to a football match in his Rolls Royce. Just after they park, someone tries to shoot Charlie, but hits Budgie by instead. They both take refuge in a nearby house, much to the annoyance of the owners, who have a dark secret of their own.
7 Jul. 1972
Brief Encounter
A chance meeting between Budgie and his old friend Inga the Stripper on a railway station sets in motion a chain of events which places our hero well and truly in the firing line - and leads to a final showdown.
14 Jul. 1972
Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run, Run, Run
Budgie's blown it. Charlie Endell is after his blood, and this time he means business. Budgie's friends have gone to ground, and the heavies looking for him all over London, he needs somewhere to hide. Where?

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