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searchanddestroy-124 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I would say it's a forgettable action flick, but I must admit it's not boring either. The tale of a bunch of scuba divers who get rescued of a man prisoner on an island governed by a petty dictator.

Lloyd Bridges is on the run, as he was in the TV series SEA HUNT. Many underwater shots. Many many...

A rare film directed by the WILD ONE director, Laslo Benedek. Whose last picture, NIGHT VISITOR, is one of his best but unfortunately not the best known.

About DARING GAME, everything in it makes you feel the deep sixties: score, filming, actors (especially Michael Ansara and the black actor - I don't know his name - who played in Larry Pearce's masterpiece: THE INCIDENT.

A pretty good time waster but not more. For rainy Sunday afternoons only.
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Predictable but pleasantly nostalgic.
divers32 January 2011
Anyone who has watched the "SEA HUNT" TV series will no doubt find the plot very predictable. It is, for all purposes, a slightly "modernized" feature-length SEAHUNT episode but the nostalgia factor easily trumps out what would otherwise be a "ho-hum" 4-star flick and turns it into a unique and memorable 8-star entertainment event.

The "vintage" dive gear is not the only item of interest to many watchers; the appearance of what was, at the time, cutting edge skydiving / parachuting gear will likewise appeal to the old jumpers out there.

This is a must watch movie for the "Mike Nelson" fans out there, even if watching our hero use a single-hose regulator smacks of heresy.
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