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5 Jan. 1968
The Professional
Tarzan encounters a group of soldiers looking for a local tribe. He is unsure of their motives or if he can trust them, but decides to lead them to the tribe so he can keep an eye on the man.
12 Jan. 1968
The Convert
A nun returns to her village to bring medicine an treat the sick. She is torn between her tribal heritage and those who oppose her new life.
19 Jan. 1968
The Creeping Giant
Tarzan becomes concerned when news reaches him of plans to build a dam in a geologically unsound area. He needs to prove the weakness in the plan and why none of the government surveys in the area have not uncovered the same issues.
26 Jan. 1968
King of the Dwsari
Tarzan is checking on the Dwsari tribe when he discovers that somehow a white man, Arthur Brown, has become their king.
2 Feb. 1968
A Gun for Jai
Against Tarzan's wishes, Jai is given a rifle by one of the local hunters. However circumstances change and Tarzan discovers the value of allowing the boy a firearm.
9 Feb. 1968
Trek to Terror
A doctor trying to control an outbreak of disease among the tribes is wanted for murder. Tarzan intervenes to allow the doctor to complete his work before being taken into custody. Tarzan is concerned however that the charges against the man may not be all they seem to be.
16 Feb. 1968
End of a Challenge
Jai comes across an old man wounded in the jungle. He stops to help the man while sending word to Tarzan for help.
23 Feb. 1968
Jungle Ransom
Tarzan takes a boat to escort a convicted killer, Velasquez, to the authorities. Also on the boat is the wife of a man the killer's band is holding for ransom. She forces Tarzan at gunpoint to escort her with Velasquez to his camp where her husband is being held. She has left the ransom money hidden behind, but Jai and Cheetah find it.
1 Mar. 1968
The Four O'Clock Army: Part 1
General Basil Bertram and missionary Charity Jones return in this two-part story, and this time must ally with Tarzan against a band of slavers who have been taking people and destroying villages.
8 Mar. 1968
The Four O'Clock Army: Part 2
After the village is burned and Tarzan, Jai, the chief, and numerous villagers are captured by the slavers, General Bertram and Charity must work together despite their differences. Tarzan escapes his captors and comes to their aid. He decides to follow behind the slavers to discover who is leading them.
15 Mar. 1968
Rendezvous for Revenge
After poacher and arsonist Dan Burton escapes from custody, Tarzan tracks him and his adoring girlfriend to an oceanside cliff, and a fateful encounter. But Burton's girlfriend and two henchmen later track Tarzan down and force him to lead them back to the scene.
22 Mar. 1968
Trina MacKenzie, one of seven girls on an expedition, is also trying to find her uncle, who she believes to be doing humanitarian work. She finds that he has become the leader of a large tribe, and has helped them develop more peaceful ways. But Tarzan comes to believe that his latest crusade, involving a statue he claims to be obtaining but which locals insist does not exist, may involve less than noble intentions.
29 Mar. 1968
Alex the Great
Alex Spence, a world judo champion, is also a braggart who wants to prove he can best Tarzan in any physical endeavor. This rivalry is being taken advantage of by a band of ruthless smugglers, whose diminutive leader wants to steal a huge golden idol and use Alex's boat to hijack it out of the country. To achieve this goal he also kidnaps Alex's girlfriend.

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