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6 Jan. 1967
Track of the Dinosaur
Tarzan and Jai visit the Katonga people, finding them in fear of a strange creature in the hills. Tarzan finds an old foe Curt and his wife Diana also among the tribe, he seeks to find out the truth about the fire breathing "monster."
13 Jan. 1967
The Day the Earth Trembled
Tarzan takes on getting a group of children and their caregiver Peggy Dean away from a dangerous area. They meet up with 3 escaped convicts who Tarzan enlists to help. Army ants and crocodiles are among their problems.
20 Jan. 1967
Captain Jai
Jai and Cheetah encounter three con artists whose truck is overturned. After helping them, Jai accompanies the men who claim to be pirates on their quest. After locating diamonds his life is threatened but Dutsch protects him.
27 Jan. 1967
A Pride of Assassins
When Cotonasos wants the glamorous Diana Lawton killed she comes under the protection of Tarzan. They flee into the jungle from the assassin but the haughty Diana and the ape man frequently clash while evading danger.
3 Feb. 1967
The Golden Runaway
After a mission fire, a mysterious amount of cash appears to rebuild it. Tarzan leads Martha Talbot and Henry Fitzroy to find the elusive benefactor who turns out to be Red McGeehan the headman of an isolated tribe.
10 Feb. 1967
Basil of the Bulge
Renowned General Bertram arrives and needs Tarzan's help in bringing peace to warring tribes. But before the treaty can be signed the general is kidnapped by a corrupt official and Tarzan must rescue Bertram before fighting erupts.
17 Feb. 1967
Mask of Rona
Tarzan is hired by wealthy, pampered Peter Maas to located Rona Swann who has disappeared into the jungle. When Tarzan locates the reclusive artist she declines to return and Maas is actually a gun smuggler.
24 Feb. 1967
To Steal the Rising Sun
Tarzan joins forces with a female photographer and a local chief to foil the theft of a sacred ruby by three con-men.
3 Mar. 1967
Jungle Dragnet
Tarzan and Jai try to protect an orphaned girl Mandy while being surrounded by hostile natives. Thompson, a soldier of fortune, and revolutionary Kasembi believe the child knows of hidden oil reserves and need to keep her silenced.
10 Mar. 1967
The Perils of Charity Jones: Part 1
Prim and proper missionary Charity Jones heads into the jungle to reach a remote school. Accompanied only by Jai, the two find their travels imperiled by a gun runner, angry tribesmen, and a mysterious adversary.
17 Mar. 1967
The Perils of Charity Jones: Part 2
Pedro, an arms smuggler, holds Charity and Jai captive in his plan to enslave the Wazeri people to control that area of the jungle. Tarzan continues his pursuit but needs the help of the remaining warriors to defeat the half crazed Pedro.
24 Mar. 1967
The Circus
Tarzan leaves Jai in Dutch's care when he's asked to help look for a dangerous criminal. Bellak and Ilona, who run a small circus, let Jai and Dutch join them but they become curious about a man who's face is covered. They soon need Tarzan's help.
31 Mar. 1967
The Ultimatum
Madiline Riker and Karnak steal dynamite to use as revenge against Tarzan. Riker blames him for the death of her brother. Chief Metusa and the Senga tribe offer Tarzan refuge, putting them all in danger from Riker's anger.
7 Apr. 1967
Algie B for Brave
The Cold War arrives in Africa with the return of General Bertram and his nephew Algie. Bertram needs Tarzan's help in locating a mining operation run by the enemy. They head into the wild with a frightened Algie and courageous Jai.
14 Apr. 1967
Man Killer
Tarzan is asked by Constable McFee to help solve some vicious murders. Tarzan worries about friend Tomba's odd behavior that seems connected to Dr. Rhys. After Polly suffers hallucination Tarzan thinks he knows the answer.
21 Apr. 1967
Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion
It is a feature film version of episodes 35 and 36, "The Blue Stone of Heaven.". It is also the only film version whose title was changed from that of the original 2-part episode.
15 Sep. 1967
Tiger, Tiger!
Against all sensibilities a number of people are attacked and witnesses report seeing a tiger. Tarzan suspects something deeper involving a planed irrigation project in the area.
22 Sep. 1967
The Voice of the Elephant
Jai's pet baby elephant is charged with killing a white man. Under tribal law the elephant is entitled to a trial. Jai goes on the search for evidence and someone to present it.
29 Sep. 1967
Thief Catcher
Two convicts escape while being transfered to another prison. Their actions spark a wave of crime around local villages. Tarzan must track and capture the two men before more people are put in danger.
6 Oct. 1967
The Blue Stone of Heaven: Part 1
After a guide for an archaeological expedition is killed, Tarzan decides to accompany the group in their quest to enter the forbidden "City Of Death", not only to protect them, but also to find out why a plant specialist and an ambitious colonel are also so interested in the place.
13 Oct. 1967
The Blue Stone of Heaven: Part 2
After uncovering the mythical Blue Stone of Baskar, Colonel Tatakombi takes advantage of the legend associated with it to declare himself the leader/god of the surrounding tribes, in the hope of later taking control of the country. Tarzan is determined to expose and stop him.
20 Oct. 1967
The Maguma Curse
A local white woman becomes the subject of an spiritual attack by the local witch doctor after a sacred tree is chopped down. Tarzan must find out who really destroyed the tree and try to help his friend fight of the effects of the bad voodoo.
27 Oct. 1967
The Fanatics
Tarzan encounters a female journalist who has arrived in the area for local tribal elections. The journalist has concerns over the conduct of a local white sponsor for one of the candidates.
3 Nov. 1967
The Last of the Supermen
four men are found murdered and Tarzan goes up country to try and establish what happens. What he discoverers shocks everyone and reveals a secret that dates back to WW2
10 Nov. 1967
Hotel Hurricane
A huge storm is bearing down on the area causing a plane with a very valuable cargo to crash. Tarzan helps locate the wreck and try and recover the cargo.
17 Nov. 1967
The Pride of the Lioness
Tarzan intervenes on behalf of a very sick girl. He insists rather than allow the girl to be treated by tribal medicine she should be treated by real doctor. The tribe reacts poorly to his actions and other lives are put at risk.
24 Nov. 1967
Mountains of the Moon: Part 1
Tarzan comes across a party of religious pilgrims who are being led by Rosanna McCloud to their "Promised Land". To not shatter their dreams, Mrs. McCloud does not inform her followers that her husband, whom they regard as their Prophet, has just been killed, and she is unaware that the government trader who sold the group the land from a reclusive tribe had his own motives for doing so and never intended for the group to reach it. When Rosanna finally tells her group about the death of their leader, she and Tarzan also find that their money has been stolen.
1 Dec. 1967
Mountains of the Moon: Part 2
Rosanna McCloud and her pilgrims are determined to continue in their trek toward their Promised Land, even after one of their people is killed. Now they are armed and determined to fight off the tribe that lives in the land. Tarzan, meanwhile, learns that the chief of the tribe was tricked into selling the land by the trader Whitehead, whom he hopes to expose before more blood is shed.
15 Dec. 1967
Jai's Amnesia
Jai loses his memory and a group of criminals decide to exploit the situation to plan a series of robberies. Tarzan must track down the men and attempt to save Jai before he gets into serious trouble.

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