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8 Sep. 1966
Eyes of the Lion
Tarzan encounters Nara, a beautiful young blind girl (Laurie Sibbald) who lives by herself in a cave since her parents were killed years before in a riverboat accident. The girl uses Sultan, a full-grown lion, as a seeing-eye animal. But there is another lion in the area who resembles Sultan who is a dangerous killer, and whom the local natives want to destroy. Tarzan must rescue Sultan from being slaughtered by mistake while finding a way to get Nara to want to return to human companionship.
16 Sep. 1966
The Ultimate Weapon
Tarzan tracks down Haines, a notorious elephant poacer, who dies an accidental death. His son Peter arrives in the jungle vowing revenge against and intends on making Tarzan pay with his life.
23 Sep. 1966
Leopard on the Loose
A young man's plan to get back home by selling a rare Jaguar backfires, placing himself, Jai and Tarzan in grave danger.
30 Sep. 1966
A Life for a Life
Tarzan and Rao race against time trying to track down two donors who can save Jai's life after he is bitten by a poisonous spider.
7 Oct. 1966
The Prisoner
Tarzan's friend, policeman Khobi is close to death after being severely wounded by diamond smuggler Spooner. Tarzan intends to bring the criminal to justice as Spooner's gang tracks them through the jungle to free him.
14 Oct. 1966
The Three Faces of Death
When the chief of a tribe, a friend of Tarzan's dies, his daughter prepares to succeed him, a member of the tribe, opposes her being the tribe's new chief. So he asks that the old test, The Three Faces of Death be imposed to prove her worthy. But unfortunately a woman can't face a man in test, so another member of the tribe must face him in her place. When no one accepts, Tarzan steps in. And if her fails not only will she not be chief, she'll be killed.
21 Oct. 1966
The Prodigal Puma
Tarzan is on a mission to track down two traders who have fled on a boat with a stolen puma and female hostage.
28 Oct. 1966
The Deadly Silence: Part 1
An evil colonel arrives in Tarzan's jungle, determined to carve out his own empire. He enslaves the Singa people and deposes the old chief. Tarzan urges the new leader Metusa to fight the Colonel who has brought in Sgt Marshak to kill Tarzan.
4 Nov. 1966
The Deadly Silence: Part 2
Tarzan continues his cat and mouse game with the colonel who with Sgt Marshak trails the apeman into the jungle. Quicksand and lions take their toil but it's an act of bravery that allows Tarzan to prevail.
11 Nov. 1966
The Figurehead
Tarzan and Jai meet young Prince Sharif plus his bodyguard Karim. The boys are the same age which complicates criminal Grundy who's intent on kidnapping the prince before he's crowned. He intends to get rid of Tarzan as well.
18 Nov. 1966
Village of Fire
Jai is scratched by an infected jaguar becoming sick but Dr. Haru has developed an antidote. Bwanichi, a tribal medicine man, doesn't trust the new ways and steals it. Tarzan must battle a giant clam plus a fire to help Jai.
2 Dec. 1966
The Day of the Golden Lion
After their chief is injured the Matusas ask Tarzan to be their representative in an athletic endeavor against another tribe. The priceless Golden Lion is the prize but Karl and Wilhelm steal it when everyone else is busy competing.
9 Dec. 1966
Pearls of Tanga
Tarzan and Jai visit his island friends the Tanga, who depend on fishing the ocean for their peaceful way of life. Admiral Gioco threatens it when his quest for pearls deplinishes the seas. He chains Tarzan in a cave to achieve his goals.
16 Dec. 1966
End of the River
Tarzan rescues Suzanne from a plane deep in the jungle needing medical care. Sean and Tyler are handcuffed, both deny they are the prisoner were also in crash. Tarzan must reach civilization while evading homicidal Damian.
23 Dec. 1966
The Ultimate Duel
Tarzan is captured by crazed scientist Ivor Merrick who pits a computer against the Apeman's life. Tarzan must escape the preserve to save his life but the odds are against him. Dr. B'Dula attempts to aid Tarzan in the conflict.
30 Dec. 1966
The Fire People
Tarzan and Jai meet Dr. Gloria Halverson who is studying volcanic activity. It erupts, bringing enemy tribes, the Karish and Crater people, in proximity. Jai is protected by Chief Hamaar but need Tarzan's help in escaping a fiery cave.
6 Jan. 1967
Track of the Dinosaur
Tarzan and Jai visit the Katonga people, finding them in fear of a strange creature in the hills. Tarzan finds an old foe Curt and his wife Diana also among the tribe, he seeks to find out the truth about the fire breathing "monster."
13 Jan. 1967
The Day the Earth Trembled
Tarzan takes on getting a group of children and their caregiver Peggy Dean away from a dangerous area. They meet up with 3 escaped convicts who Tarzan enlists to help. Army ants and crocodiles are among their problems.
20 Jan. 1967
Captain Jai
Jai and Cheetah encounter three con artists whose truck is overturned. After helping them, Jai accompanies the men who claim to be pirates on their quest. After locating diamonds his life is threatened but Dutsch protects him.
27 Jan. 1967
A Pride of Assassins
When Cotonasos wants the glamorous Diana Lawton killed she comes under the protection of Tarzan. They flee into the jungle from the assassin but the haughty Diana and the ape man frequently clash while evading danger.
3 Feb. 1967
The Golden Runaway
After a mission fire, a mysterious amount of cash appears to rebuild it. Tarzan leads Martha Talbot and Henry Fitzroy to find the elusive benefactor who turns out to be Red McGeehan the headman of an isolated tribe.
10 Feb. 1967
Basil of the Bulge
Renowned General Bertram arrives and needs Tarzan's help in bringing peace to warring tribes. But before the treaty can be signed the general is kidnapped by a corrupt official and Tarzan must rescue Bertram before fighting erupts.
17 Feb. 1967
Mask of Rona
Tarzan is hired by wealthy, pampered Peter Maas to located Rona Swann who has disappeared into the jungle. When Tarzan locates the reclusive artist she declines to return and Maas is actually a gun smuggler.
24 Feb. 1967
To Steal the Rising Sun
Tarzan joins forces with a female photographer and a local chief to foil the theft of a sacred ruby by three con-men.
3 Mar. 1967
Jungle Dragnet
Tarzan and Jai try to protect an orphaned girl Mandy while being surrounded by hostile natives. Thompson, a soldier of fortune, and revolutionary Kasembi believe the child knows of hidden oil reserves and need to keep her silenced.
10 Mar. 1967
The Perils of Charity Jones: Part 1
Prim and proper missionary Charity Jones heads into the jungle to reach a remote school. Accompanied only by Jai, the two find their travels imperiled by a gun runner, angry tribesmen, and a mysterious adversary.
17 Mar. 1967
The Perils of Charity Jones: Part 2
Pedro, an arms smuggler, holds Charity and Jai captive in his plan to enslave the Wazeri people to control that area of the jungle. Tarzan continues his pursuit but needs the help of the remaining warriors to defeat the half crazed Pedro.
24 Mar. 1967
The Circus
Tarzan leaves Jai in Dutch's care when he's asked to help look for a dangerous criminal. Bellak and Ilona, who run a small circus, let Jai and Dutch join them but they become curious about a man who's face is covered. They soon need Tarzan's help.
31 Mar. 1967
The Ultimatum
Madiline Riker and Karnak steal dynamite to use as revenge against Tarzan. Riker blames him for the death of her brother. Chief Metusa and the Senga tribe offer Tarzan refuge, putting them all in danger from Riker's anger.
7 Apr. 1967
Algie B for Brave
The Cold War arrives in Africa with the return of General Bertram and his nephew Algie. Bertram needs Tarzan's help in locating a mining operation run by the enemy. They head into the wild with a frightened Algie and courageous Jai.
14 Apr. 1967
Man Killer
Tarzan is asked by Constable McFee to help solve some vicious murders. Tarzan worries about friend Tomba's odd behavior that seems connected to Dr. Rhys. After Polly suffers hallucination Tarzan thinks he knows the answer.
21 Apr. 1967
Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion
It is a feature film version of episodes 35 and 36, "The Blue Stone of Heaven.". It is also the only film version whose title was changed from that of the original 2-part episode.

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