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15 Sep. 1966
Dutch and Go
A naive, timid civilian radar expert is assigned to assist the Jericho team in locating and then destroying a German anti-aircraft device in occupied Holland. The team is uneasy about using him due to his fumbling, happy-go-lucky style.
22 Sep. 1966
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread - and POW
Gage poses as a priest as the Jericho team plots to destroy German submarines that are located underneath a 600-year-old cathedral. The team hopes to destroy the subs without damaging the church.
29 Sep. 1966
Upbeat and Underground
A German commander of occupational forces plans to force a kidnapped conductor to perform a Wagner piece on Bastille Day as propaganda for the Nazis in France. The Jericho team plots to sabotage this plan by taking the conductor's entire orchestra out of the country.
6 Oct. 1966
Have Traitor, Will Travel
The Jericho team's mission is to travel to occupied Yugoslavia along with a French colonel know to be a double agent for the Nazis, and make sure he is captured so that he is able to give them false information he has been given. Complications arise when they are forced to bail out and found by resistance fighters, whose leader may have his own agenda.
13 Oct. 1966
Panic in the Piazza
The team's assignment is to destroy an underground German intelligence headquarters in Italy. To do this, they plan to convince the Germans to bring a bomb into the headquarters by a Trojan Horse ruse.
20 Oct. 1966
The Big Brass Contraband
The team's assignment is to rescue three Allied generals who are being held hostage in order to force a peace agreement favorable to the Germans. The plan is to divert the command transporting the men to an inn in Switzerland instead of Italy. Andre's father, the owner of the inn, must be asked to assist.
27 Oct. 1966
Wall to Wall Kaput
In order to obtain German coastal-defense plans, the Jericho team goes undercover working for a French house painter who has contracted with the Germans to work on the house where the plans are stored, even though they know the man is unsympathetic to the cause of the resistance.
3 Nov. 1966
Eric the Redhead
Three youngsters meet the Jericho team when they land on a Norwegian island, and inform them that their contact has been arrested. The kids offer to help the team in their mission to bring an anti-occupation pastor to safety, but there is fear that they could unwittingly do more harm than good.
10 Nov. 1966
One for the Mountain: Part 1
After the fall of Mussolini, the Jericho team's mission is to locate an Italian official who can tell them of the Axis plans. To divert the Germans from their real mission, they make it look like they are out to capture Mussolini himself. But the cunning German in command does not take the bait, and to make things worse the Italian partisan contact Jericho freed to help them does not trust them any more than he does the Germans.
17 Nov. 1966
Two for the Road: Part 2
To obtain the information on the German plans, the team has to agree to Ferretti's demand that they take him and his children out of the country with them, even though this will slow them down. They are thus forced to take refuge in a house, and hide from Major Von Zeeny and his men when they take the house as their command center.
1 Dec. 1966
Four O'Clock Bomb to London
Gage and Andre intercept and replace two German agents who parachuted into England on a secret mission. They must find out what the mission is and who is the British traitor who is leading it. But in doing so, they are putting themselves in as much danger from British troops unaware of their identity as they are from the enemy agents they are infiltrating.
8 Dec. 1966
Long Journey Across a Short Street
In order to destroy a German decoding installation in Paris, the Jericho team must tunnel into it from a dress manufacturer's shop across the street, which does not please the owner of the shop.
15 Dec. 1966
Both Ends Against the Riddle
With the Allied invasion of Normandy underway, the Jericho team must save a factory which is manufacturing a new proximity device that the Allies need to obtain information on. They must contend with French resistance fighters who hoped to destroy the factory, and a German commander who may be convinced to switch sides for personal reasons.
15 Dec. 1966
Jackal of Diamonds
Gage is on assignment to take out a German field marshal. But Sheppard and Andre learn from top brass that the field marshal is planning to arrange for surrender, and that thus they are to prevent Gage from completing his mission---by any means necessary.
5 Jan. 1967
A Switch in Time
The team's mission is to retrieve a German safe that contains the names of leaders of the French Resistance. The mission is complicated by the fact that they know there is an informer among the resistance.
19 Jan. 1967
The Loot of All Evil
After intercepting a box of counterfeit plates that the Germans were planning to ship in an attempt to sabotage Allied currency, the Jericho team traces the plates to a small Italian town and heads there to find the engraver.

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