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Season 1

13 Sep. 1966
The Dog-Gone Affair
Thrush, operating on an island near Greece, has found a way to cause people to move in slow motion. April Dancer and Mark Slate are sent to smash the operation.
20 Sep. 1966
The Prisoner of Zalamar Affair
April goes undercover as a missing heiress to stop the takeover of a small oil rich country.
27 Sep. 1966
The Mother Muffin Affair
Napoleon Solo joins April Dancer on an assignment in London. They are to escort a gangster's daughter to safety. However, they are being stalked by the minions of assassin Mother Muffin. The agents will face a number of dangers all over London.
4 Oct. 1966
The Mata Hari Affair
April poses as a murdered exotic dancer, who was killed on a U.N.C.L.E. mission, to catch the killer.
11 Oct. 1966
The Montori Device Affair
THRUSH agents attack an UNCLE outpost in Rome and make off with a Montori device. With this device in their possession all of UNCLE's transmissions are compromised. Conrad Rossano, a famous fashion designer, is UNCLE's chief suspect. April goes undercover as a fashion buyer and Mark as an American bodyguard to a high price fashion model. Also involved is a Professor with a brain washing device which leaves the victim susceptible to his suggestions.
18 Oct. 1966
The Horns-of-the-Dilemma Affair
In Mexico, Thrush operative DeSada covets Project Gamma, a "rocket transport" that can travel 5,000 mph. Scientists who are developing the aircraft are being abducted by DeSada and their knowledge "drained" by a high-tech device. April and Mark dodge death traps as they seek to halt the plot. Among them: a remote-controlled car with April inside headed over a cliff and a roll of wicker wrapped around Mark that has been whetted and is rapidly shrinking around the U.N.C.L.E. agent.
25 Oct. 1966
The Danish Blue Affair
In Denmark, Thrush operative Ole Bergman has supervised development of a power beam capable of blowing up submarines and ships. The device, however, needs a sophisticated power regulator to prevent itself from blowing up. The criminal organization has been smuggling microdots inside cheese with plans for just such a power regulator. Stanley Umlaut has accidentally consumed some of the cheese. Now, April and Mark seek to protect from from Thrush, which wants to recover the microdots in Stanley's stomach.
1 Nov. 1966
The Garden of Evil Affair
The Cult of Cambodyses, a group of killers based in the Middle East, is used by Thrush to perform murder. The cult, however, wants to break free of its alliance with Thrush. It plans to gain control of a formula that can transfer the consciousness of a long-dead person into the mind of a living descendant. It turns out Cambodyses has only one living descendant, a woman who the cult covets. U.N.C.L.E. and Thrush are also after the woman, who it turns out has a bit part in a Western movie being filmed at a Berlin film studio. April and Mark have their hands full with ...
15 Nov. 1966
The Atlantis Affair
April and Mark are on a Carribean island searching for Professor Antrum, a scientist. Antrum has discovered a cavern that goes down to the remains of the lost continent of Atlantis. Thrush (led by Colonel Frank Faber) is interested because the cavern contains crystals that, when exposed to sunlight, generate enormous heat and destructive power. The cavern is on the property of Le Gallows, an eccentric who likes to dress like a 17th Century French nobleman. April suspects Le Gallows may also be aligned with Thrush.
22 Nov. 1966
The Paradise Lost Affair
April and Mark have infiltrated a Thrush ship sailing in the South Pacific. The ship has been involved in charting routes for submarines to smuggle contraband all over the Pacific Rim. The U.N.C.L.E. agents begin a mutiny on the ship and steal the charts with the smuggling routes. However, the mutiny results in the ship being destroyed. First April, and later Mark, wash up on an isolated island ruled over by Genghis Gomez VIII, who occasionally raids other ships. Gomez is a bit of a despot who, for some reason, proves difficult for the supposedly trained agents to ...
29 Nov. 1966
The Lethal Eagle Affair
A retired THRUSH agent develops a matter transporter and April and Mark are sent to investigate.
6 Dec. 1966
The Romany Lie Affair
April Dancer (Stefanie Powers) infiltrates a gypsy circus run by Sadvaricci (Lloyd Bochner) who is using his manly charms to lure rich women into parting with valuable stock before killing them in various «accidents». April and her fellow agent infiltrate the circus posing as an aerialists. A jealous gypsy girl (Anna Strasberg) who doesn't like Sadvaricci attentions being turned to the new girl in the camp, attempts to kill the UNCLE agent by shooting her off her aerialist position, but Mark Slate (Noel Harrison) saves the day, and April. Sadvaricci slaps Panthea in her caravan, but she is not repentant, and later she ...
16 Dec. 1966
The Little John Doe Affair
April falls for a mob witness she is supposed to be protecting from an assassin.
20 Dec. 1966
The Jewels of Topango Affair
A jewel thief posing an U.N.C.L.E. agent gets the trust of the African nation ruler whose jewels April and Mark are assigned to protect.
27 Dec. 1966
The Faustus Affair
An evil man goes after a professor's color extracting device so he can destroy the world's greatest paintings. The professor, who is smitten by April, promises the machine to her.
3 Jan. 1967
The U.F.O. Affair
April is kidnapped after discovering a crime syndicate's plan to use a U.F.O. to retrieve the gold from Kuwait's treasury.
17 Jan. 1967
The Moulin Ruse Affair
April is kidnapped after discovering a crime syndicate's plan to use a U.F.O. to retrieve the gold from Kuwait's treasury.
24 Jan. 1967
The Catacomb and Dogma Affair
A young girl helps April and Mark thwart a plan to plunder the Vatican treasury.
31 Jan. 1967
The Drublegratz Affair
April and Mark go undercover in the world of music to protect a prince who will be assassinated when a certain song is played to trigger an avalanche.
7 Feb. 1967
The Fountain of Youth Affair
April and Mark infiltrate a youth clinic on Rejuven Isle somewhere in Scandanavia. A Baroness is blackmailing wives of important men and forcing them to pay for the youth injections with top secret documents.
14 Feb. 1967
The Carpathian Caper Affair
A newlywed suspects that Mark is there to break up her marriage so she takes a list of THRUSH agents he wants.
21 Feb. 1967
The Furnace Flats Affair
THRUSH wants to gain control of a mineral known as Tri-Tanium D, which when processed can be used in a lethal death ray. The only known location of this mineral is the ghost town of Furnace Flats in Death Valley. Furnace Flats is owned by Mesquite Swede a grizzled old prospector who dies from a heart attack shortly after an attack by THRUSH. His will stipulates that the town will go to whichever lady can duplicate a famous ride through Devil's Domain made by Death Valley Flossie. A race is setup between April, Dolly X (a THRUSH agent) and Ladybug Byrd. The identity of...
23 Feb. 1967
The Low Blue C Affair
U.N.C.L.E. tries to persuade a charity worker to accept a position to the throne so a retired gangster does not get it.
7 Mar. 1967
The Petit Prix Affair
April and Mark go to France to stop a school for commandos from stealing a truckload of American money.
14 Mar. 1967
The Phi Beta Killer Affair
April and Mark thwart a villain's plan to kill the wealthiest men of the world during a poker game.
21 Mar. 1967
The Double-O-Nothing Affair
Thrush has established a series of "mobile assault teams" that are disrupting operations of U.N.C.L.E. Mark Slate infiltrates one such team and has made recordings that could reveal additional information, including the headquarters for the operation. However, Slate is on the run from Thrush and ditches his recorder in what appears to be an empty car. An accountant is sleeping in the back seat and finds the recorder. When Slate is attacked and wounded by Thrush forces, the accountant speeds off, still with the recorder in his possession. Alexander Waverly puts April ...
28 Mar. 1967
The U.N.C.L.E. Samurai Affair
April and Mark travel to Hawaii to find a Japanese war criminal and uncover a stolen submarine.
4 Apr. 1967
The High and the Deadly Affair
April poses as a stewardess on an airplane that has an assassin and his target on board.
11 Apr. 1967
The Kooky Spook Affair
Mark inherits a haunted English castle and becomes a target for his relatives who want to inherit it. April tries to elude a THRUSH killer in the castle.

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